HATERS ARRESTED: 3 Anti-Semites Arrested By Williamsburg Shomrim After Three Days Of Terror


Thanks to the incredible work by Williamsburg Shomrim, three anti-Semitic thugs were arrested on Tuesday night following three nights of terrorizing the community.

A Shomrim spokesperson tells YWN that the incident began on Sunday night, when they received phone calls to the Shomrim hotline reporting that Hasidic pedestrians had been shot by a gel gun from a passing vehicle in the vicinity of Whyte Avenue and Rutledge Street. Thanks to security camera footage, a good image of the vehicle and the suspects was obtained. The NYPD was given the footage and an investigation was launched.

On Monday night, at around the same time, the same vehicle shot Hasidic Jews in the vicinity of Spencer Street and Myrtle Avenue,. Once again, confirmation was made that it was the same vehicle and occupants.

Not taking any chances, Williamsburg Shomrim mobilized around 50 Shomrim members stationed all around the neighborhood, to be able to respond in a seconds notice.

Sure enough, the vehicle open fire at Hasidic pedestrians at Kent Avenue and Park Avenue, and the incident was witnessed by Williamsburg Shomrim volunteers.

The NYPD who was also on standby, was immediately contacted, and the vehicle was stopped in seconds. The three suspects were taken into custody without further incident.

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force was given the case and charges are pending.

Williamsburg Shomrim told YWN that they want to publicly thank the NYPD’s 79 Precinct and its Commanding Officer for their relentless and tireless efforts to keep the community safe and for their incredible cooperation in this and all incidents. But most of all, the community has a debt of gratitude to Shomrim for their selfless devotion to protecting the community 24/7.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It is time some of you commenters/nudnicks learned some facts and law.

    To not getting: Letitia James, as New York state attorney, has no authority or responsibility for street crime.

    To ” ‘Thinking’ Yid”: Your assumption is, to use a polite word, unfounded, or, to use an impolite word, stupid. Cashless bail is available only for misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies.