WATCH: Democrat Dov Hikind Tells Trump To “Move On” And “Support DeSantis”


Former NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind went on Fox News to blame Donald Trump for the recent election results, and called on the former President to “move on”, and that Trump should endorse DeSantis for President.

“We were all disappointed looking at the bigger picture. What happened was supposed to be great victories all over the country,” Hikind told Fox News’ Steve Doocy.

“I would say to the former president, who I supported and he did great things during his term, I would say to him, move on. A couple of days before the election, he tells the country he has a major announcement. Donald Trump, it was not about you. It was about the candidates that were running and you took away from them,” said Hikind.

“There’s no question that he hurt candidates all over the country.”

“Donald Trump, you had your opportunity. You hurt your party that you love, and your country in this election,” he said

Hikind is a lifelong Democrat, who for more than 20 years endorsed liberals and Democrats in nearly every single election, and who voted with his fellow Democrats in Albany to pass countless liberal bills and laws.

Hikind suddenly jumped ship to start endorsing Republicans when Trump ran for office in 2020.

But Hikind had previously flip flopped on Trump.

In 2016 Hikind was expected to endorse Trump when he changed his mind after the notorious tapes leaked where Trump bragged about assaulting women. See this from a Forward article in 2016:

“When we said before I am going to represent the Republican side, I would’ve loved to — if I had a Republican. Donald Trump is not a Republican. He is running on the Republican line. I wanted to support him. I was hoping as the weeks went by that he would keep his mouth closed and stop saying the things that he has said, but he can’t change, and I am really concerned,” he continued, telling the audience that he would write in House Speaker Paul Ryan, whom he praised as a “mensch.”

“He was a very difficult choice from the beginning,” he said, citing the Republican nominee’s mocking of a disabled New York Times reporter and his lewd statements about women. “His behavior is so offensive, so horrible, so degrading and every other adjective you can think of.”

He also blasted Trump as lacking knowledge about the issues that matter.

“Being ignorant is sort of a positive thing for him,” Hikind said.

In 2020 Hikind then went on to give Trump a full throated endorsement.

Time will tell what Hikind will do if Trump is a real candidate in 2024.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Woodmere resident Hikind is irrelevant. The election is 2 years away so it’s a little early to endorse any candidate at this point without knowing who will be in the race. I can’t remember anyone who was considered a front runner almost 2 years before Presidential election winning the office.

  2. Well after the incredible speech by President Donald Trump שליט”א tonight you Dov Hikind better retract your evil words against Donald Trump שליט”א at once if not sooner, and re-endorse Donald Trump שליט”א .

  3. Who cares what Dov Hikind has to say? Frankly; a guy that wears a yarmulke and is known like Hikind belongs keeping his mouth SHUT! Do you think you do the Jewish nation any good going on Fox News with these statements?!

  4. Trash or Drash….we are all using our voice….I don’t see anyone running now but Hashem…G-D to the reckless liberals and nonsense filled minds now we can at least pray to have one woman one man…..this is a fight for Hashem and not one person has a name other than he is a soldier….Trump Bibi are soldiers…..the others are all amaleks

  5. In my opinion, and I am a Democrat, Hikind is giving good advice to Republican Trumpsters. Trump cost the Republicans control of the US Senate and weakened Republican control of the House. There are plenty of Republicans who would make tough candidates for US president in 2024, and Trump is not among them.

  6. Hikind should have the nerve to run for something as a Republican (perhaps a city or state wide office, perhaps Congress or Boro President). A lot of New Yorkers appear to be ready to challenge Democratic hegemony.

  7. Huju, where do you get your information from? You’re what we call a low information voter. The truth that you won’t hear on main stream media is that Trump back 216 candidates. His candidates won 90 percent in the house and 60 percent in the Senate. When the media says 20 candidates of trump lost that is misleading and ppl like you fall for it. Trump did well!

  8. Hey Renas, a low information voter like yourself doesn’t understand that those candidates that won were in heavy heavy red districts and states. The ones that lose were in the purple districts and states. They lost because they were bad candidates you kissed trump’s behind. Poor candidate quality. And Trump is too shallow to understand a this. As well as yourself

  9. Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky was against wearing a tallis on saddle river road in old monsey, bc a yid in galus should keep a low profile. Its not our country and we just make a chillul Hashem when we pontificate in public