FRIENDSHIP GONE: Netanyahu Refuses to Endorse Trump for 2024, Says He Won’t “Step on That Landmine” [VIDEOS]


Incoming Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu told NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that Donald Trump was “wrong” for meeting with antisemites at his Mar-a-Lago estate and will not endorse his former friend for president in 2024.

“You have a unique relationship with former President Trump,” NBC’s Chuck Todd said to Netanyahu. “He has consistently flirted with some really fringe characters that spout this antisemitic behavior, that preach white nationalism, things like that, and doesn’t denounce it. He has yet to denounce Kanye West at all, has yet to denounce being with the white supremacist days ago. Why do you think he has this difficulty, do you think?”

“I don’t know,” Netanyahu replied. “First, President Trump does great things for Jerusalem. He moved the American embassy there, recognized our sovereignty in the Golan Heights. He got out of the disastrous Iran’s deal, which would have paved Iran’s path with gold. So he’s done they great things. I remain appreciative. On this matter of Kanye West and the other unacceptable guest, I think it’s just wrong. I hope he sees his way to staying out of it and condemning it.”

“You don’t praise Hitler,” he continued. “How can you praise Hitler? He was the greatest mass killer of all time. Anybody who praises him is wrong. Anybody who gives him legitimacy is wrong.”

Asked about the prospect of Trump being the GOP nominee in 2024, Netanyahu said:

“Well, let me say that I’ll deal with anyone who’s elected president, those that I worked with in the past and anyone new who comes to the plate, because the bond between Israel and America… It really is a bond of peoples.”

“I’ll deal with anyone, and I certainly will not step on that landmine that you just put before me. Come on, I’ve been in this business long enough and so have you. Keep trying,” he quipped.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I despise Trump, and think he shouldn’t get near the presidency in 2024.

    However, this headline is a complete misrepresentation of the truth. Netanyahu praised Trump greatly. All he said is that he (wisely) doesn’t want to get mixed into our elections.

    YWN makes it sound like Trump being president would be “a landmine”. Complete distortion. Netanyahu said that if he spoke good or bad about Trump’s presidential run that would be a landmine, and he did an EXCELLENT job avoiding the issue.

  2. Hey YWN, if Netanyahu didn’t endorse Trump this time around, that means their friendship is gone, right? That’s what you’re saying. If it’s gone, that means that it was once there, right? And the friendship -which is gone now- consisted of Netanyahu endorsing Trump for the 2016 election, right? And the 2020 election, right? And, alas, all that is gone now, right? Would you please provide us, mere mortal morons, with a link to any article on any website where Netanyahu endorsed Trump? Please? I’ll sit down while I wait.

  3. Ywn is liberal and leftist at this point we have to just understand that. Aside for the shock value headlines as yellow journalism. Just be neutral and let the reader decide for themselves.

  4. I disagree with Menachem Shmei’s interpretation of Netanyahu’s remark. Yes, he praised Trump, but Bibi could have found a milder way for declining to express a future interest in Trump. And, yes, Bibi is smart enough to know that it would be unwise for him (or any other Israeli politician) to kibbitz in American presidential politics. But Bibi made clear that he is stiff-arming any possible connection to Trump for now. That’s good for Bibi, good for Israel, and good for the Jews.

  5. It’s quite clear from the video that the “landmine” Netanyahu was referring to, was the question NBC posed to him; not Trump’s presidency.

    YW is really starting to become like the NYT.

  6. Wow YWN, this headline is beyond misleading… total distortion of what Netanyahu said. Are the extra clicks really worth losing credibility?

  7. YWN – one dishonest Trump headline after the next. Great job tarnishing your reputation and treading upon the Torah values of honesty and truth. Get help.

  8. This headline is at the very least geneivas daas. Not sure if you guys still claim to have “Rabbinical consultants”, but I implore to you run this headline by them…

  9. “rightwriter”
    I agree with you a thousand percent. yeshiva world just twisted the entire thing, they are now under fake news and corrupted one way category, FAKE NEWS, many Orthodox Jews are done with yeshiva world because of their leftist views, try vinnews its less leaning and focused more on the facts

  10. is it just me or does there seem to have been a meeting of right leaning media outlets a few weeks ago where all of the outlets colluded to favor desantis instead of trump? i guess i am somewhat proud that YWN was invited to the meeting.

    I dont expect anyone remembers all of my posts but i have been on the desantis train for a long time but i would prefer my news outlets not collude to force-feed us a certain mindset. quite frankly, its an insult to our intelligence.

  11. You people at “Yeshiva” World have got to be the biggest idiots in the entire world. Why do you think he would even answer this question? Given netanyahu a break. He’s a better politician than you guys will ever be. You guys are a bunch of morons!

    It’s amazing how stupid the “Jewish” lapdog copy/paste media is.

  12. I am not sure why YWM is not afraid of being sued for slander. There has not been on accurate trump article in a long time.

    This site has become a tabloid of sorts.

  13. This article and all of the comments provide a wonderful exhibit of what happens to all politicians when Trump is running. The individual is stuck in an impossible situation of having to make a for-or-against choice which obliterates all discussion of genuine and legitimate issues and changes the conversation to arguments about Trump.

  14. They were never personal friends, and in any event, it is totally inappropriate for the leaders of one country to endorse candidates in another country. One should also know that what politicians value most is “winning” and Trump has managed to lose three straight elections under conditions that one would have expected him to triumph, and the analysis of results indicates this was do to Trump “kicking the ball into his own goal” by rallying the Democrats while alienating a considerable part of the Republicans – and that’s not the sort of politician Bibi would want to be associated with.

  15. Trump has already XXXed all over Bibi for the crime of congratulating the President-elect of the United States back in 2020, which was the start of a long-running and intensifying tirade of anti-semitic rants against Yidden for their failure to sufficiently adulate him and adopt the big lies about the election theft. Netanyahu is trying to thread the needle by not directly criticizing Trump and risk alienating his right wing and evangelical supporters whose support is essential on national defense and arms funding issues in Congress.

  16. Whoever criticizes YWN, or any other media source, needs first to take a long, objective look at the destruction Trump has wrought. Those who support him in this sight revel in him “owning the libs” – and he was very good at playing that note. But it was not because Trump has values or core beliefs – except one: Donald J. Trump.

    This explains why he does not condemn Kanye West, Kim Jong-un, Putin or those anti-Semitic groups like the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys. If you look at what he does, it is always based on if and how they praise him.

    So you who hate “libs” and rally around anyone who against the left, do not take Trump as your leader. Conservative values are worthy. Donald Trump is not.

  17. If Avi Maoz is marginalized ,UTJ and Smotrich should walk out of the coalition promptly

    A concerted subversive effort.
    First, Gantz attacked Noam on a red herring.
    Bibi with Bari Weiss.

  18. Based upon the question asked and Bibi’s response to it, the headline of this article could just as easily have been:
    FRIENDSHIP CONTINUES: Netanyahu Refuses to Renounce Trump for 2024, Says He Won’t “Step on That Landmine” [VIDEOS]