1,500 Celebrate “Kinyan Mesechta” At Worldwide Event As Bell Works In Transformed Into Bais Medrash [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


On Sunday January 8 2023, the soaring atrium in the Bell Works building was transformed into a singular bustling makom Torah. In a specially constructed beis medrash, a booming kol Torah burst forth, as hundreds of lomdim from around the world and from all walks of life joyously learned Torah. Their Torah, let’s call it, as this was the Kinyan Hamasechta Worldwide event celebrating 1,500 chavrei, Kinyan Hamasechta and their families.

For that is the premise of the hundreds of Kinyan Hamasechta global chaburos. Every yid has his cheilek of Torah waiting to be claimed, line by line, blatt by blatt, chazarah after chazarah. Regardless of age, background, profession, location, or income level, every lomed in every chabura comes to own their masechta through meticulous learning, steady reviews and constant chizuk from the chevra and Rosh Chaburah.

And there is no greater joy than coming to own your masechta as the chavrei Kinyan do with great devotion and commitment. This joy exploded as the learning segment turned into a mass siyum with music and dancing reminiscent of a chasunah combined with Simchas Torah.

As Rabbi Yosef Elefant emotionally exclaimed during the lavish, delectable seudah served afterwards, Torah becomes areiv, sweet when it becomes me’urav, combined and part of the lomed Torah. And that kinyan comes about through ameilus, the hard work of learning the gemarah clearly and reviewing them till they’re “in the bones”.

In a sign of his respect for the gathered, Rabbi Elefant flew in from Eretz Yisroel especially for this event. Similarly, besides the members from Lakewood, Monsey, Brooklyn, and the Five Towns, the crowd contained significant delegates from Los Angeles to Rhode Island, Toronto to Panama, and Gateshead to Johannesburg. Torah has no limits, no barriers.

At the conclusion of the dinner the Kinyan members and their families attested in the heartwarming video presentation how this program has had a positive impact on their lives, that of their husbands and fathers. Torah when absorbed within inspires growth and greatness as was alluded to in the evening’s theme L’gadlus – Inspiring Greatness.

The evening climaxed with a hartzege kumzitz and more dancing with Yisroel Wulliger. All the guests left with memories – but more importantly, a renewed drive and commitment to continue on their personal journey to Greatness. For more information about this monumental program visit www.kinyanhamasechta.com.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. As often YWN doesn’t explain.
    Someone please explain what happened and what’s this about?
    Was this a siyum on an individual mesechta, shas, or what. What was covered and by who.