Satmar Purchases Famed Yeshiva Torah Temimah Building On Ocean Parkway


Yeshiva Torah Temimah, a bastion of Torah in Flatbush for decades, has sold one of their buildings to Satmar.

The purchase of the building was revealed at a Motzei Shabbos dinner benefiting the Mosdos of Satmar in Boro Park under the leadership of the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, HaRav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum.

The building being purchased by the chassidus is located on the corner of Ocean Parkway and Ditmas Avenue, and housed Torah Temimah’s Mesivta and Bais Medrash for decades. YWN notes that the building being sold has already been occupied by Satmar Yeshiva for the past few years.

Yeshiva Torah Temimah was founded and built by the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Lipa Margolis, in 1958. The yeshiva grew to prominence between 1980 and 2000. He was Niftar in January 2022. The Rosh Yeshiva, Hagoan HaRav Shlomo Feivel Schustal, left the Yeshiva around 10 years ago, and opened his own Bais Medrash in Lakewood due to the number of Bochrim at the yeshiva growing smaller as the Litvish community in Flatbush declined.

Satmar announced that the name of the building will be “Binyan Lipa Friedman,” who donated $5 Million dollars towards the purchase. Lipa is a son of the famous “Moshe Gabbai” of Satmar.

Torah Temimah still runs a vibrant Yeshiva K’tana and Mesivta in their original building on the same street, located at 555 Ocean Parkway. Sources tell YWN that the funds of this building sale will not be going to the current Yeshiva Torah Temimah on Ocean Parkway, but to the other Mosdos of the original Torah Temimah, currently located in Staten Island.

The news is bittersweet for thousands upon thousands of Bochrim (now married with children) who learned in Torah Temimah.

Audio below of Satmar rebbe at last night’s dinner:

Video below at the dinner:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Time to plant a beautiful 馃嚠馃嚤 flag in front of this building, especially only being 65 days from the all important 3/4 century 讬讜诐-注爪诪讗讜转

  2. What does Torah Temima have in Staten Island? When the Yeshiva started it used the name Torah Vdas of Flatbush before changing the name to Torah Temima. I believe the original Torah Vdas took them to a Bais Din. The founder Rabbi Margolis had a shul on Cortelyou Rd around E 23rd Street.

  3. 147,

    I see that you are nothing more than a tipish. With your stupid comment we see that you have zero understanding whatsoever of Satmar 砖讬讟讜转.

    In fact because of your stupid comment, I urge you to put your money where your mouth is and never take advantage of ANY of their 讞住讚讬诐. This means if CHV you need money for Shabbos, or if you are CHV in the hospital, do not take advantage of the tomche Shabbos or bikur cholim they offer yiddin .


  4. Just curious to know who will keep the money? Will it just go to Reb Mendel鈥檚 A鈥滺 kids? Does anyone think that the Staten Island Yeshiva get a small portion of it as well?

  5. Well I see in the very first filing that the Sprinkler was signed off in 1991, perhaps this gives a clue of when it opened its doors.

    02/01/1991 300075530 01 A2 X SIGNED OFF 03/08/2001 0051094 PE NAME
    Work on Floor(s): CEL

  6. >>>Feeling old, I remember when this property was small single family houses. My grandparents lived on the block for 50 years

    Either you must be very old or you must be remembering a different place because on the NYC website that shows every building in NYC as it looked in 1939-1940 they show the apartment house that YTT bought and knocked to build that building was already there back then

  7. >>>When the Yeshiva started it used the name Torah Vdas of Flatbush before changing the name to Torah Temima.I believe the original Torah Vdas took them to a Bais Din.

    Not accurate. They were started as a branch of Torah Vodaas located in Flatbush. The name Torah Vodaas of Flatbush was used to distinguish them from the main branch that was then in Williamsburg and other branches that Torah Vodaas then had like Torah Vodaas of Crown Heights and Torah Vodaas of Queens.

    Torah Vodaas of Crown Heights closed down due to demographic changes in the neighborhood.

    Torah Vodaas of Flatbush and Torah Vodaas of Queens (and Beis Medrash Elyon) became independent Yeshivas. The Beis din in of the cases Torah Vodaas of Flatbush and Torah Vodaas of Queens said they can break off but need to change their name

  8. Actually the bulk of the money will go to a former student who was molested by Kolko.
    For years Torah temimah knowingly covered up, knowing full well Kolko was a deviant molester.
    One of the former student who was a victim sued the Yeshiva and Lipa Margolis for millions of dollars.
    Subsequently the yeshiva settled with him for a substantial sum.
    This was one of the reasons they were forced to sell the property.
    here is a link.

  9. 1) I thought YWN did not allow links.

    2) Anyone who links or reads than specific site, is not art of the oilam that Rashi refers to, vda’l. One would think you would be embarrassed to even admit reading that.

    3) CT Lawyer, I remember the neighborhood from over 50 years ago and the building that was torn down to build the beis medrash building was old at that point. Perhaps the other side of the block, but there weren’t single family houses on that cornder, for a very long time.

    4) UJM, the high school was never in that building. The beis medrash moved a number of years ago. Afte RSSFS moved to Lakewod.

  10. chugi bugi… what nonsense they were never going to sell why rav margo was alive
    the building was rented to mevakshei torah & satmar for years now
    this building is under a dif, LLC and dif beds number so its immune from any lawsuit
    what took years now was for the yorshim to work out the details and a little for staten island
    you are talking about an 18 mill dollar sale
    the margolis family is close to satmar from when rav lipa asked reb yoel if he can open in flatbush famous story ” LIPA BLEIBT LIPA”

  11. It would be amusing if it weren’t so sad to see the knee-jerk idolatry on display here by 147 and others.

    The Zionist State was and is a cataclysmic tragedy for Jews (and is holding back the geulah, according to some). To take only a very recent example, the Paley boys were murdered because the savage hated Zionism.

    Going back much further (and there’s unfortunately an ocean of Jewish blood in between), like during the Holocaust, many Jews trusted their Zionist “leaders”, Zionists whom the saintly Chofetz Chaim decried, like the Zionist Kastner who fooled the Jews of Hungary about the Nazis, resulting in another million Jews slaughtered by the Nazis YM”S.

    As Rav Miller described, there were Jews who entered Auschwitz singing the Zionist anthem (hatikva). At least they didn’t know any better. But the Zionists here have the hindsight of history. But they still genuflect to their idol of Zionism.

  12. everyone here is from the new “young generation”
    i actually marched with the whole yeshiva from 850 ocean parkway to the groundbreaking of that building remembering the gold shovels and hard hats worn by the board and sang in the choir lekovod the occasion

  13. I think the funds of this building should be given to Torah Temimah of Lakewood to build their building. Reb Binyamin Margulies Shlita is trying to continue his fathers legacy and spread Torah!

  14. I hope that before this sale is finalized someone is taking the responsibility to make sure that the funds of the sale will be used to continue to be marbitz Torah and not going to an individual鈥檚 pocket!

  15. Interesting tidbit. Rabbi Margulies Zt鈥漧 was a close talmid of the Satmar Ruv Zt鈥漧 before the war and it was Reb Yoielish who suggested that the new name of the yeshiva be Torah Temimah

  16. @HaKatan: The State of Israel is not a “cataclysmic tragedy for Jews” nor is it “holding back the geulah;” how can you even say such things?? that is incredibly ungrateful and an insult to the kindness of Hashem.

    If anything it shows the complete opposite. The product of Zionism is a successful state that has brought back millions of Jews of all types from around the world in a major 拽讬讘讜抓 讙诇讜讬讜转 (exactly what we have been davening for for so long), supports the Torah learning of over 100,000 yidden in the land and has brought a place of safety for millions of Jews worldwide after the Holocaust.

    Participating in settling 讗专抓 讬砖专讗诇 with love for Hashem and his Torah along with the Holy Land that he gave us brings the 讙讗讜诇讛 closer and brings the 砖讻讬谞讛 of Hashem more into the world. All of the torah and mitzvos that one does in Chutz Laaretz only has value to the extent that it will allow himself and future generations to remember how to keep torah & mitzvos when getting back to 讗专抓 讬砖专讗诇 and are able to fulfill the mitzvos properly there.

    Zionism is from the Torah. One is 诪讞讜讬讘 to be a Zionist. I don’t know what book of Kefirah you have to follow in order to spin the existence of Israel as a calamity; and the only avodah zarah here is coming from Neturei Karta buffoons like yourself and @Yossi_Shtup that follow a completely twisted and dangerous form of yiddishkeit that borders on 诪住讬专讛…