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Manhattan DA Bragg Going After Trump Is George Soros’ Man

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is reportedly preparing to arrest former President Donald Trump for allegedly hiding hush-money payments, received $1 million from a political action committee funded by billionaire George Soros.

Soros has backed at least 75 district attorneys in recent years as part of his ongoing campaign to “reshape American society” in his warped liberal vision.

Bragg was elected in November 2021, has a long history of investigating Trump and his family.

Soros defended his donations in a 2022 op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, saying that the strategies he supports reduce crime based on the data he has seen. However, Soros’ backing of liberal DAs has led to criticism that he is effectively buying elections and leading to the installation of prosecutors who support his leftist agenda.

Bragg’s opponents during his campaign argued that his zeal against Trump was an inappropriate bias for a district attorney. However, Bragg used his track record of going after Trump as a primary selling point during his campaign, saying that he knows how to follow the facts and hold people in power accountable.

Soros has spent at least $40 million on the project of backing liberal DAs, according to author Matt Palumbo, leading to the stripping away of bail laws and the decision to forgo prosecuting crimes like theft and reckless driving, which has effectively given criminals a free pass and led to the breakdown of law and order across the United States. The billionaire’s DAs have stripped away bail laws and opted to forgo prosecuting crimes like theft and reckless driving, effectively giving criminals a free pass and leading to the breakdown of law and order across the United States.

Crime has since soared in major cities overseen by Soros’s DAs.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Soros […] saying that the strategies he supports reduce crime based on the data he has seen.

    Nobody could be stupid enough to believe that. The only way to reduce crime is to punish the criminals hard enough that they won’t do it again, or lock them up so they can’t do it again. America has an under-incarceration problem. As Fox Butterfield famously if inadvertently pointed out, when incarceration rates were up, crime was down. And of course as incarceration rates went down crime went up; what else could anyone expect?

    Soros knows this well. He’s many things, but stupid is not one of them. He’s intelligent enough to have made a large fortune by his own efforts, so he’s intelligent enough to know the inevitable results of his policies, which means he intends those results. He hates America (and Israel), and wants to increase crime and violence in order to undermine it, so he and his neo-Marxist allies can impose their globalist world order, in which all nations are abolished and there is one world government, a Progressive technocracy right out of the 1920s.

  2. So what if Soros donated money to a group that supported Bragg?

    Bragg got more total donations from other individuals than from that group.

    Further, the one who came in second spent $13,000,000 – more than all the other candidates combined.

    So it wasn’t Soros’ money that got him elected. It was the people of NY.

    Soros is also a boogeyman for antisemites. Why would the YWN join the antisemites?

  3. Soros , has had far too much time on this planet involved in EVIL….I simply wonder what the plan is above….it will be a BIG ONE

  4. > jackk

    The topic is the primaries. Of that $13 million, over $8 million came from the candidate herself in the last weeks of the primary election (and the rest came largely from billionaires). She was a questionable Democrat who identified herself as such rather late (compared to the others), and as being backed by the hated Wall Street, the primary voters barely rejected her. Bragg came in second with money as $2.35 million (of which how much came from a single source?)

  5. Why is being anti-soros yemach shmo the equivalent of being an anti-semite?
    Honestly some people can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

  6. Soros’ parents were yidden.
    But there is nothing Yiddish about him.
    In fact, he might be considered anti semitic, but not sure

  7. Once again the Yeshiva World shows it’s naive poor choice-making by running an article blaming Soros for the actions of a Manhattan DA. There are countless well known mega Jewish donors to conservative political operatives. In America, people can choose to support whomever they want. You never hear widespread demonization about Jewish right wing donors. The Soros name coming out of Republican leaders and news sources is another way of blaming all Jews for ruining the US and the world. For the Yeshiva World to spread that liable is sad. Don’t wonder later on why identifiable Jews get attacked on the streets of US cities.

  8. Jackk, the fact that Soros backed him so heavily proves that he is fully on board with Soros’s evil program. As is evidenced by his behavior since being elected.

    And no, Soros is not “a boogeyman for antisemites”. That is a vicious lie propagated by you and your far-leftist pals, in order to provide covering fire for one of the USA’s (and the Jewish people’s) greatest enemies. Soros is himself an antisemite; he is against the entire notion that there is a Jewish nation in the first place, as well as being against a Jewish nation-state. He certainly doesn’t identify in any way as a Jew, and neither do those who justly oppose him. Most of his opponents are probably not even aware that he is of Jewish ancestry; being neither Jewish nor anti-Jewish, they don’t follow such trivia.

  9. PS: Just to get it in first, before some idiot distracts the conversation, no, Soros was not a nazi collaborator. He was neither a villain nor a hero, just a teenager who survived a very frightening time with no harm, and with no survivor’s guilt. That is a good thing. The evil he has done in the last two decades does not change that.

  10. Milhouse,

    “The fact that Soros backed him so heavily” – it wasn’t so heavily. That was the whole point. Go check the numbers out.
    There is no such program as the Soros Program. It was made up by the evil anti-semites who want to blame the Jews for all the ills in America.
    Soros being a target for the anti-semites has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    Every single candidate running for office in America receives donations. That is why this is a big “So what ?”

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