CHANGE OF PLANS: Trump Indictment Delayed As Grand Jury’s Wednesday Meeting Unexpectedly Canceled

(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

Manhattan prosecutors postponed a scheduled grand jury session Wednesday in the investigation into Donald Trump over hush money payments during his 2016 presidential campaign, at least temporarily slowing a decision on whether to charge the ex-president.

The postponement was confirmed by four people familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press because they were not authorized to discuss an ongoing investigation by name. The grand jurors were told to be on standby for Thursday, another day when the New York panel has been meeting in recent weeks.

When the grand jurors next meet, they may hear from yet another witness, according to a person familiar with proceedings that appear to be nearing a decisive vote on whether or not to indict Trump.

Wednesday’s abrupt development, which a person familiar with the matter said was not connected to security concerns, came amid growing anticipation that Trump could soon be charged. Grand jury proceedings are shrouded in secrecy, making it hard to predict with certainty what action might be taken and when.

As the panel has been hearing from final witnesses, Trump has contended his arrest is imminent and law enforcement officials have accelerated security preparations in the event of unrest accompanying an unprecedented charge against a former U.S. president.

The district attorney’s office declined to comment on the postponement, which was earlier reported by Business Insider.

Prosecutors had recently invited Trump himself to appear before the grand jury, and on Monday heard from a witness favorable to his case as a way to ensure that the panel would be presented with any information that could conceivably be considered exculpatory.

Trump over the weekend stated that he expected to be arrested on Tuesday, though the day came and went without that happening.



  1. Hocker: Unless you are in a cave, TRUMP was the “source” of the Tuesday indictment rumor which he Tweeted about Saturday AM based on some “media reports”. This jerk is desperate for attention and the stupid media engage in his game by hyperventilating on every stupid rant he issues.

  2. @Gadolhadorah He isn’t far off. They definitely are planning on indictment. What we all should have a problem with is why the DA office allows to drop charges for murderers in NYC, but for Trump he has been a bit to much persistent in accordance with the “law”

    Kinda of a wake up call.

  3. To besalel: It’s always a good idea to cancel a grand jury meeting which makes no sense.

    To YWN: Bragg is a NY state prosecutor, and the grand jury is not a federal grand jury. Your readers, including me, need all the help we can get. Please get the facts right.

  4. Best president ever !!!
    He has been put through so much torture.
    Just imagine if they would not have done this to him all these four years.. what a beautiful country we would have now,
    I want you to stop and think, don’t be biased or choose your team, really think deeply right now – if the media would not lie, and all these attacks would not be happening Trump would still be our president and we would be in a much better place today!!!
    Trump 2024

  5. “and on Monday heard from a witness favorable to his case as a way to ensure that the panel would be presented with any information that could conceivably be considered exculpatory.”

    What a joke! The prosecutors have deliberately kept almost all exculpatory evidence away from the grand jury, and even that one witness had to fight to be called. They knew about him, had the evidence he gave them, and were going to keep the grand jurors completely in the dark about him.