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Neo-Nazis Clash In Prague’s Jewish Quarter

ss2.jpgNeo-Nazis trying to march through the Jewish quarter of Prague on Shabbos clashed with anti-fascists.

Police seized weapons including a gas gun, axes and sticks as the extremists tried to reach the Jewish quarter. At least six people, including one policeman, suffered injuries.

The march which had been scheduled to take place just a day after the anniversary of Kristallnacht, was banned, and about 1,400 policemen were deployed in the capital. Equipped with armored vehicles and water cannons, they sealed off most of the historic Jewish quarter.

Hundreds of Jews and others gathered there to commemorate the Nazi pogrom, protest the march and be ready, if it went ahead, to prevent it from going through the Jewish quarter.

About 50 extremists attacked police with cobble stones in another area. And police arrested 80 people, including 10 German-speaking left-wing extremists armed with sticks.

(Source: Ynet)

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