Cops Investigating Lakewood Teen Assaulted As Bias Crime


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lkwd pd6.jpgSources confirm to Yeshivaworld, that the Lakewood Police are investigating last nights assault on a 14-year-old as a bias crime (reported HERE on YW). The teen was reportedly assaulted by a group of black males on Route 9 and Spruce Street. Lakewood Hatzolah transported him to Kimball Medical Center, where he was treated for facial trauma and released.

(YW News Desk)


  1. Bias Crime??!!

    This is part of the stupid liberal mentality. Throw the book at these miscreants of society and stop giving the crime fancy names. If they would punish these animals like they deserve to be punished in the first place, we wouldnt have to look for more crimes for them to be guilty of in the first place.

  2. oy a broch – I’m all for the patrol & think it’s an idea that should have been done long ago.

    I saw pictures with the Mashgiach & patrol leaders. But, are there any letters from the Mashgiach, R”Y, or Rabbonim supporting it?

    Again, I’m not chas v’shalom, against it, I think it’s a wonderful & needed thing, I just wanted to see some letters.

  3. We call it anti-semitism and we have been suffering from its paisn for over 2000 years.
    Once in a while, and unfortunately much more recently, we get reminders that we are in Golus and that until Moshiach comes the golus is not over.
    May we all be zocheh to witness the geula sheleima bekorov and see the end of the pains of this harsh and non-ending golus.