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Grapes May Help Prevent Colon Cancer

Could freeze-dried grape powder help prevent colon cancer? Researchers believe that low doses of this could, indeed, help prevent colon cancer. Claiming the lives of over half a million people every year, colon cancer is the third most common type of cancer. In a recent press release, researchers from the University of California, Irvine, announced the results of a recent research study.

The researchers determined that eating grapes has a positive benefit in helping prevent colon cancer. Researchers determined that taking 80 grams of grape powder a day helped reduce the size of tumors cell tissues for colon cancer patients. Resveratol, which is found in grape extract, stopped the Wnt cell pathway from communicating with other cells.

“Our epidemiologic study suggests that wine consumption may influence survival among a subset of colorectal cancer patients, specifically those with family history of the disease. These findings could reflect unique genetic and environmental interactions among familial colorectal cancer patients, but further studies are needed to test this theory. Studies such as Dr. Holcombe’s with grape powder extract and resveratrol are important as they offer potential explanations for our findings,” said

Past studies had indicated that a supplement found in grape extract, resveratol, was effective at helping prevent colon cancer. Our cells send a signal to other cells on a pathway named the Wnt. Previous research studies have linked this particular pathway to over 85 percent of the most common form of colon cancer, or sporadic colon cancer.

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, used colon cancer patients as participants in this study. While none of the participants recovered from colon cancer, the Wnt signaling ability was reduced in those patients who were taking 80 milligrams of grape powder a day. The Wnt was unaffected by either larger, or smaller doses.

The participants were split into three groups. One group drank 120 grams of grape powder every day, mixed with water. Another group drank 80 grams of grape powder a day. The final group received 20 milligrams of resveratrol every day in the form of a pill.

According to researchers, 80 grams of grape powder is approximately the same as eating one pound of grapes, or drinking one-half glass of wine. Based upon USDA food guidelines, three dietary servings of grapes would also equal 80 grams of grape powder.

The outcome suggested that grapes contain properties that are capable of blocking the ability of our cells to communicate in a specific manner that can help stop colon cancer before it has a chance to begin.

Researchers were already aware that there is a link between the foods that are consumed and cancer.

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