UPDATE: Sunday’s Shooting In Kiryas Yoel


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nys trooper.jpgThe Times Herald Record is reporting, that the NY State police are looking for two Mexican immigrant workers, one of whom fired a shot during a dispute with two other Hispanic men on Sunday in front of Landau’s Supermarket in the Village of Kiryas Yoel – as reported HERE on YW.

Police say the confrontation started when the two Mexican men, employees of Friendly Supermarket on Satmar Drive, recognized two other Hispanic men who they had fought with a week before. The latter two men were making a delivery at the supermarket for J&J Dairy Delivery.

The two men then confronted the dairy truck driver and passenger at Landau’s, police said.

One of the two suspects pulled a handgun from his waistband and fired the weapon into the ground, according to police.

The suspects fled in a light-blue Volkswagen Jetta.

(Source: Times Herald Record)


  1. so… how many wake up calls do we need to not hire these people (of course I am jumping to the conclusion that at least some of those involved are here illegally – maybe, I will be proved wrong)