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Monticello School Board Boycotts Meeting On Chanukah

menorah.jpgGiven the option of spending the first night of Chanukah with family and friends, or going to a meeting, Monticello school board officials didn’t have to think twice – reports the Record Online.

They are reportedly boycotting a Sullivan County School Board Association dinner meeting that was curiously scheduled for the night of Dec. 4, which has been on the calender for a year as the first night of Chanukah.

Monticello Superintendent Pat Michel said he contacted the organizers, including BOCES Superintendent Martin Handler, asking them to reschedule.

“They mulled it over,” Michel told the Record.

“They said that is the night.”

“I don’t think they would schedule the event on Christmas Eve,” said Monticello school board member Jacob Billig, noting that the consensus of his board is to not attend. “To me it is very insensitive.”

(Source: Record)

7 Responses

    So what do you expect?

  2. To the best of my knowledge, there is no halacha that one may not attend a Board meeting on the first night of Chanukah. This is made up shtus! If the Jews on the board knew anything about Chanukah they would never compare it to Erev X-Mas. We have Chabad to blame for making Chanukah into X-Mas.

  3. #4 do you know any of the jews on the board that you speak about what they know and what they dont know?
    why do all the yeshivas give off on chanuka is learning less important then a board meeting.Do you hide your chanuka menorah because there are xmas lights in windows also. Do you not dress up your kids on purim because thats like making it into halloween . how do you take a name like coachred and put it next to 613 that must be chabads fault also!

  4. To coachred613.
    There is no halachah that states that you MUST leave a comment. Oh yes there ARE halachahs about lashan harah & sinas chinam.
    As the Katzker once said: “Not everything one thinks is he mechuyav to write…”
    PS Hating your brother in your heart is also a nono!

  5. #4 do you know how many people became frum through Labovich? You may not think the same way, but they do deserve some credit.

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