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New Haven Shomrim To Phase-Out Armed Units

nh shomrim.jpgHaven’s Edgewood Park Defense Patrol (Shomrim) announced today that they will be phasing out their armed units.

The citizen patrol formed in early June and attracted a lot of attention when some of them decided to carry guns.

Eli Greer, the head of the patrol, announced that the armed units are being phased out and will be suspended by the end of the month. He says the group has made an impact in the neighborhood.

“We are on the right path. We haven’t solved every problem. We have raised a lot of issues and we have brought things to the forefront and we are absolutely in the right direction,” Greer said.

Greer cites the change in leadership at the New Haven Police Department as one of the major reasons for the change. Just last week, Chief Francisco Ortiz announced his resignation.

Greer says he hopes to work with the new chief, that has not yet been named, on more community-based policing.

(Source: WTNH)

7 Responses

  1. i think these guys should tach a thing or two to the newly formed lakewood citizen patrol. Not a bad idea for frum yid to carry guns. we all have clean records, and maybe when the LPD see were getting serious with crime the’ll get out of the doughnut shop!

  2. Lay off the cops already, it solves nothing. For your information, I once saw a Lakewood cop charge out of the “donut shop” on Second St into the path of a speeding stolen car (driven by an illegal) with his pistol drawn. So even when in the “donut shop” the LPD is putting there collective lives on the line. Enough already.

  3. it would be a terrible idea to let the patrol in lakewood to carry guns.the patrol should just have radios to inform the police on any wrong doing.a gun by a frum patrol used the wrong way in lakewood would bring to much harm to the jewish community nation wide.

  4. Armed frum vigilantes will solve some big problems!! If the goyim would see were not a bunch of little wimps – they’d be afraid of us!!
    In last weeks parsha Yaakov Avinu taught us 3 things how to combat an eisav. One was milchama – the real deal!
    maysa avos siman labanim!!

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