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Statement By Governor Elliott Spitzer On 60 Years Since UN Approved Resolution 181

spitzer1.jpgSixty years ago today the United Nations General Assembly approved UN Resolution 181, the first step in transforming what was then British-controlled Palestine into a Jewish homeland – Israel.

Today, New York is home to the largest Jewish population in the United States, and all New Yorkers benefit from our diversity and our relationships with Israel – culturally, spiritually and economically. This anniversary marks the start of a milestone year for the state of Israel, and I am proud to serve as the Governor of New York while we celebrate six decades since Israel’s founding.

I look forward to celebrating the coming year with our active Jewish community.

4 Responses

  1. Before we get all nostalgic and giddy, let us not forget that the Gedolim were against the Partition Plan, and the Agudah in Eretz Yisroel sent a delegation to the UN to voice their opinion against the Partition Plan.

    Had there been no partition plan, there may have been no State of Israel, but there probably would not have been most of the wars and terrorism that has plagued the State since its inception.

    Let us not forget that prior to 1948, Jews lived to some degree comfortably in numerous Arab countries. They were then all thrown out.

    Of course, we can’t turn back the clock, and obviously we can’t turn over anything to the Arabs at this point. But, the partition plan in hindsight was the beginning of a problem as opposed to the beginning of a solution.

  2. It wasn’t the United Nations that passed that resolution it was the League of Nations. The United Nations was formed afterwards in order to appose Israel, and support anti Semitism around the world.

  3. Straitthinker – You have no idea what you are talking about. The League of Nations was dissolved before WWII, and the UN was established immediately after WWII.

    While I do agree that it seems that their entire agenda is to oppose Israel, please get your facts straight.

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