One Of Mega Millions Scond Prize Tickets Sold In Boro Park


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While there were no grand-prize Mega Millions winners in New York, 17 of the 100 second prize tickets were sold in the Empire State. Ten were sold in New York City.

Each of those winners will take home $250,000.

Here’s a breakdown of where the winning tickets were sold.

Four in Manhattan:

-Vidya News, 101 West 14th Street
– Shaizal Deli, 6 Cortland Street
– Eyebrow Unlimited, 140 West 32nd Street
– Sweet Banana Candy, 112 9th Avenue

Three in the Bronx:
-High Ridge News, 5818 Broadway
– Arthur Cantina, 2355 Arthur Avenue
– Harb Discount, 2 East Bedford Park Blvd.

One in Brooklyn:
-International Deli, 4717 14th Avenue

One in Queens:
-113 News, 113-27A Queens Blvd.

One in Staten Island:
-Arden Shell, 1769 Arthur Kill Road

Outside of New York City, two second-place winning tickets were sold in Long Island, two in New Rochelle, one in Brewster, one in Mahopac, one in Rochester and one in

Long Island
-7-11 in Medford, 2810 Route 112
-Brush Hollow Deli, 990 Brush Hollow Road

New Rochelle
-Supreme Grocery, 199 North Avenue

-Xtra Mart, 406 Main Street

-A*F Minimart, 837 Route 6

-Wegmans, 745 Calkins Road

-Stewarts, 995 Main Street

(Source: NY Post)


  1. Hate to burst the bubble but there’s no international deli on 14th ave btwn 47 & 48th str. Minkatch shul by the corner, their parking lot and then an apt buiding. On the other side of the avenue are houses and a parking lot and another house or two.

  2. number 6

    for the record tell me where to get nice apartments ion israel for 250,000 id like to know that real estate tip

    however 250,000 is most definitly an amount all of us can use for good things