UPDATED 12:30AM EST: Boro Park: Shots Fired At Police


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nypd.jpg11:00PM EST: NYPD have just ordered a Level 1 response in Boro Park – 58th Street & 18th Avenue – in regards to shots fired at police officers. Apparently, the cops were called for a burglary in a home, and upon their arrival – numerous shots were fired at police. Aviation, ESU, K9, and Boro park Shomrim are all on the scene. ESU is advising that they have 1 person under arrest, and they are searching for another perp.

UPDATE 12:30AM EST: NYPD advising that fireworks were thrown at the officers. No shots were fired.

(YW-170 / YW-901 / YW-68)


  1. apparently, 2 11 year old heimishe kids that live on the block decided to make their motzei shabbos a little interesting so they called the cops with a phony burglary call and when the police showed up, they threw firecrackers toward them leading th police to believe that an armed suspect is on the loose prompting a full mobilization. As one witness recounted, a child was seen bieng led from the scene in handcuffs.
    Next time take your kids to Avos Ubanim!

  2. These kids are lucky the cops did not shoot them in the head.

    Only in Boro Park would a stupid thing like this happen. And where are the parents?

    Police showed great restraint in this case and if they would have used force I am wondering the comments that would have become on this site.

  3. yes krepel is right it was jewish kids that started this prank what a tragerdy all parents should try and keep their kids busy on the long moatzi shabbos’s play a game with them and go out with them we as jews dont need people to look at us we r hated already y do we need more action

  4. i have the perfect solution to these problems. Lock the kids into a yeshiva, take away their cell phones, make them LEARN, LEARN, LEARN and CHAS VESHALOM, dont let them mingle with the outside world, then they wont get ahold of the tumedike fire crackers that they so stupidly threw at the cops. Or is that really the answer??? PARENTS!!!! WHERE ARE YOU??? WAKE UP!!! You are at fault here!!!!!!

  5. This story is sad, because it is a chillel Ha-Shem. But for anyone to imply that the parents are to blame, you obviously have NOT raised children in this generation. NO matter how much time we devote to our children, no matter how many games we play with them, there ARE NO guarantees. We must all try our best, and PRAY VERY HARD. This is very trying times to raise children in. Besides, there are and always will be some troublemakers, kids seeking some fun, where it occasionally gets out of hand. I believe (without knowing the facts) that these kids would never have imagined the outcome of their little prank.
    TO daboss, As involved parents, raising teens in this dor, I beg to differ. We are AWAKE. WE are HERE. And we need tremendous siyata dishmaya in addition to all our hishtadlus.

  6. Dear Newcomer,

    I admire your forthrightness. you are the yotzei min haklal. I have raised and married off most of my children, still am raising the younger ones and am TOTALLY connected with the world. I happen to be very “in” on the real scene. Sounds like B”H, your kids are good kids – but you seem to forget that chidren learn by example.

    If parents teach their kids that the police are NOT to be taunted, that firecrackers are NOT a toy – they can blow a hand off, let alone the fact that they could have been shot dead by the officers, then these very kids would have seriusly thought twice about what the possible repercussions and consequences would have been of their actions.

    You speak for yourself and all your friends and neighbors who B”H have good kids. Trust me and heed some sound advice: please dont be so naive – come out and smell the air, it stinks.

    Hatzlachah rabbah.

  7. I live on that block, and actually, it was a 10 year old boy who has some problems in his family.

    I’m definitly not saying that what he did was right, but what he did was obviously a cry for help.

  8. Dear “apersonwithanopinion”,

    You too are one of those “ostriches” who knows and sees everthing but does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it.

    Stop disseminating personal info (lest those who know the family find out more info than necessary – would you want people to know about your family issues?) and GET THEM THE HELP THEY REALLY NEED!!!!

  9. I live right there and i saw the whole story from the start.
    The police acted like maniacs.
    First of all, there was another man at the scene of crime who the police knew did not do anything. However, the backup police did not know this. As soon as they arrived they started screaming at the man to freeze whilst the first cops were yelling at him to get away from the “gunfire”. The man all confused ran toward the cops who then brutally threw him to the floor and handcuffed him. I quickly ran out of my house to inform the police of the fireworks. One cop POINTED HIS GUN AT ME and said “get into your ***** house”.!!!!
    My wife who was watching from the window also had the honor of having a loaded gun pointed at her.

    Secondly, I will not elaborate on the difference between a gun shot and a firecracker but i will mention that the last bullet i saw being shot did not light up the area in a display of fireshow.

    If there really is ever a gunman I would think twice before calling the NYPD who I personally watched as they crazily pointed their guns at anybody, any window, any thing that moved, ready to shoot.

    Now we all know that they go crazy and kill innocent people during such instances all the time. So think twice before trying to leave a comment defending their absurd behaviour.

  10. I was on the upstairs floor and then i heard the bel ring.it was the cops.they told me that it was dangerous to be there and that someone had to pick me up.so i called someone and then she picked me up but we stayed in the car to make sure that no one goes into our house.the two kids and their mother came into our car also,we were about to leave and then the kids father came and said that a detective wants to ask them questions.the mother went with the kids to see what was going on.ten minutes later the kids were put in handcuffs and the mother went with them to the 66 precint.