Leading Figure in Yemenite Jewish Community R”L Killed In Stabbing Attack


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A leading figure in the Yemenite Jewish community, Rabbi Aaron Yosef Zandani HY”D, 50, was fatally stabbed in a Sana’a shuk by a Muslim man who accused the rav of witchcraft.

The rav’s son, Yechi reports his father was stabbed in his neck and abdomen. He was rushed to a local hospital but was R”L Niftar from his massive injuries.

The attacker was apparently taken into custody.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Boruch Dayan Haemes! Hashem Yikom Damo!
    Another loss for this very ancient community. May Hashem strengthen them, and bring them better days. May we all be Zoche to Moshiach tzidkeinu to end our pain and suffering.

  2. Is there any news about his attacker being charged with a crime? The blood of Yiddim should not be viewed as cheap, chas v’shalom. Where is the news media with this story? HY”D!