BREAKING: Benazir Bhutto Killed In Suicide Bombing


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8:40AM EST: Major media are reporting that Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has died following a Pakistani suicide bombing. An additional 20 people are feared dead.

According to some inital reports, she died of a gunshot wound – and appears that the bombing was in addition to her assasination.

In October, after Bhutto’s return to Pakistan from exile, a suicide attack on Bhutto’s motorcade killed more than 140 supporters – as reported HERE on YW.


  1. Klal: very much PRO democracy. She is said to have been the muslim world’s first female prime minister, and was Western educated (USA and UK). Her father was assasinated as well in the late 1970’s after a military coup.

    Immensely popular by the people, she was a walking target for extremists, and in spite of that attempted to restore democracy in Pakistan.

    Chalk another one up for Al Queda.

  2. Unfortunately was too carefree. What was she thinking – leaving herself open to terrorists?! Why shouldnt she be killed by those who hate her?

  3. Think Straight – I would chalk up another one for Musharaff. He was very threatened by her popularity, and was already in trouble, having to resign as head of the army earlier in the year. This works for the US as well. Although the US is officially pro-democracy, they have no problem supporting dictatorships when it works for them. They support the Saudi government because it works for them, and they support Musharaff as well, etc. They want him to remain in power.

  4. Shtender – While what you say is of course a possibility, I do not think the US wanted her killed. She would have been a far better ally that Musharraf ever will be. Her pro democracy stance is far friendlier than Musharraf’s quasi friendship – when it suits him. How much has he done to go after AQ and the Taliban in the mountains of Pakistan?

    Don’t forget – Musharraf himself has been targeted numerous times by AQ as well. It is a common enemy.

  5. Bhutto was as much pro-democracy as the next secular Muslim leader. That is to say, when it suites her she is pro-US when it does not then she is not.

    The US policy has always been to prop-up and support those foreign leaders willing to cooperate with our interests regardless of whether they are a dictator. Hence, we have supported in the past, and continue to support, such luminaries as: Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin-Laden, The Saudi Royal Family, Musharaff, the Shah of Iran, Fidel Castro, etc…..

    The problem is, eventually the dictators we once supported all end up turning on us once they get comfortable in power.

  6. In the underground war between the CIA and AlQueda, she was aCIA agent seeking to suppress the Talban/AlQueda in Pakistan. The U.S. lost this round.

  7. nameless, shame on you. What have her looks got to so with anything???
    And is that appropriate on this website? “YESHIVA WORLD NEWS HEADLINES…SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL” ????!!!!

  8. #13, Ohev Yis….

    #1, This is a public fgorum, anyone may post whatever they would like to.
    #2, If you’re offended by a simple comment, tough!! If you’re concerned about kids on this forum reading things like “she was b….”, WHY ARE YOUR KIDS ON THE WEB???
    #3, If i remember correctly, in Megilas Esther, we refer to a certain person as having been of the most b******ful w***n who lived, yet we have no problem with that. Further more, we even refer to cows (7 lean and 7 fat) as “yefas…., etc.

    Not really sure i understand why you posted your objection..??.. But have a great day 🙂

  9. azi – apparently this site is not for you. You are right that many of the people who frequent this site have a lot to be desired in the educational field, but a story like this does not really have a monumental impact on our every day lives. The fact that a woman was not hired because she is upholding on of the foundations of our religion screams much louder then some muslim woman getting what was coming to her. If we were laid off because of Shabbos there would be a revolution over here and thus, we MUST make a big deal about that. But, because the unstable pakistan just became even more tumultuous does not entirely necessitate an overwhelming response from us. As far as nameless’s comment (# 8), I honestly have no idea how the moderators let it through.

    PS. There are much, much worse things for one to say “shoot myself” about.

  10. She was a supporter of the Taliban, like Musharraf and Sharif were. It is a bit ironic that someone that supported terror becomes a victim of terror herself. Her return and the subsequent return of Sharif led to the current unrest in Pakistan. She knew what she was getting herself into by returning from Dubai. This should not be considered a total shock.

  11. #17 – “some muslim woman getting what was coming to her”?! What a horrible and shameful thing to write. Your comment may help bring others over to azi’s (#14) point of view.

  12. 16 ‘Ohev Yisroel’

    Why not SHOW some Ahavas Yisroel and calm your liver when you want to make a crticism, not that its valid!

    Our Imohos were beautiful, in megillas Esther it says that Esther was ‘Noiseh Chein’ to all. Its a Brocho to be beuatiful!


    Get a life!!!

  13. Nameless-Did you see a picture of her on YW???? I didn’t think so. So don’t make these comments on YW-If you saw her picture on CNN-Then make the comment there..The general readers on CNN will hardly get offended.

  14. And Nameless-one more thing-You are comparing what the torah describes as beautiful to this Rashanta?? Shame on you is right. If you want to start comparing…Did you know that Yushke, before he was put in cheirim, also told his rebbe that the waitress was beautiful?? You should be ashamed of yourself. I truly think you should ask the YW forgiveness for offending people and to remove your comment.

    Have a Beautiful Shabbos.

  15. Jos’

    Was I COMPARING her to the Imohos??
    All I was saying is that the fact that she was beautfiul is not a Chisoron, as one poster insinuated.

    While on the subject of ‘Shikeerim’, please see comments 23 and 24! I seriously think he sipped a bit too much booz, I hope he just drank L’chaim in honour of an upcoming Simcha,

    Beautiful Shabbos to all

  16. Azi: ah shood we’re all anonymously protected. You’d probably consider shooting us, posters, whenever anyone gets under your skin with their innocent remarks….

  17. As Jews, especially as “Yeshiva World” Jews, EVERYTHING that happens in the world matters to us, and effects us in some way.

    On a practical level, Pakistan is on the border of Iran, Afghanistan, China, and India – all very important countries in today’s world. Pakistan is a Muslim country with nuclear arms, and al Queda and co is trying to cause enough unrest so that they can move in and take over Pakistan. Who knows what this upheaval in Pakistan will mean to Jews around the world, if not today, then tomorrow.

    What we do know is that the majority of the world HATES Jews – quite vehemently – and our Muslims cousins especially. What we also know that because of Democracy, and the Democracy of the United States of America, we are able to live in peace and criticize our government, our president and any leader, without fear of death or imprisonment. That is what Benazir Bhutto was fighting for in HER country. And the same people who want to kill Jews en masse, destroy the USA and “wipe Israel off the map” (together with all Jews in it!) are the people who killed Benazir Bhutto while she was fighting for that same democracy and freedom in Pakistan.

    I challenge anyone who has thus far left a post about this subject, to live your life so wholly, for what you believe will better the world and serve Hashem and your people.

    And yes, she was beautiful – her beauty was in her taking her strengths, talents and gifts and using them for GOOD – to inspire people, serve others, give people hope, help her country and her people and to make a positive difference in the world.

    Halevai each one of us could say that about ourselves when we die.

    Let’s daven that the unrest in Pakistan does not harm Israel, and that in our lifetimes we are able to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and as a nation that we merit yeshuos, and protection from our enemies.