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3rd American Airlines Flight In A Week Experiences Loose Seats

American Airlines, already grappling with union issues and bankruptcy fallout, is now confronting a third problem: growing reports of loose seats.

On Tuesday, the company said another flight had experienced loose seats, bringing the total to three flights on two planes in a week.

A plane headed from Vail, Colorado, to Dallas on September 26 had seats come loose, the airline’s vice president of safety confirmed Tuesday.

The same aircraft experienced a similar problem on a New York to Miami flight on Monday morning. That flight had to return to John F. Kennedy Airport.

Separately, a Boeing 757 from Boston to Miami carrying 175 passengers diverted to New York on Saturday when three seats in row 12 came loose shortly after takeoff.

The airline said it would inspect 47 Boeing 757 planes after the incidents.

“Originally, American planned to evaluate the seats on eight Boeing 757 airplanes, but out of an abundance of caution, the decision was made to proactively evaluate a total of 47 Boeing 757 airplanes that have the same model Main Cabin seats with a common locking mechanism,” company spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said in a statement.

“American’s internal investigation has focused on one of three types of Main Cabin seats on the 757s and how the rows of these three seats fit into the track that is used to secure the rows to the floor of the airplanes. Our maintenance and engineering teams have discovered that the root cause is a saddle clamp improperly installed on the foot of the row leg,” she said.

The clamps were used on 47 of the company’s 102 Boeing 757 airplanes.


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