Tehillim Requested for Maran Rav Shteinman


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Officials in Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak early this afternoon, Wednesday, 4 Kislev, report a “significant worsening” in the condition of Maran HaGaon HaRav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita.

Yesterday, it was reported the rav’s condition was stable, and he remained for observation but it now appears he has taken a turn for the worse. Earlier today, doctors reported the rav was moved to an ICU and he was not informed of the petira of his daughter, Rebitzen Rochel Devorah Berlin A”H, whose levaya will take place soon. The rebitzen was the oldest daughter of the rav, 72.

The tzibur is asked to be mispallel for Rav Aharon Yehuda Leib ben Gitel Feiga bsoch cholei yisrael.

Ponevezh Rosh Yeshiva HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein Shlita has stopped regular limudim in the yeshiva for the recitation of Tehillim for Rav Shteinman.

HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita is quoted calling on all yeshivos and talmidei torah to stop their regular limudim for the recitation of Tehillim for the Rosh Yeshiva Shlita.

HaGaon HaRav Shalom Cohen Shlita, head of the Shas Moetzas Gedolei Yisrael, has called on all affiliated yeshivos and talmidei torah to interrupt their regular schedule to recite Tehillim for Maran Rav Shteinman.

It is reported Rav Shteinman remains conscious, but there is a “significant deterioration” in condition.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)