Amsterdam: Charedi Community Welcomes Horav Pinchas Padva As New Rov


rav padwa 2.jpgClose to 200 people attended the reception for Horav Pinchas Padva, the grandson of Horav Henig Padva zatsal from London, who recently was appointed as the rav of the 250 year old institution Beis Hamedrash Etz Chaim. The Bais Hamedrash was founded by Rabbi Arye Leib Loewenstam, the son in law of the Chacham Tzvi and the father of The Binyan Ariel, Reb Shaul Amsterdammer.

Until the 2nd World War this Beis Hamedrash was a meeting place where the Kol HaTorah was heard. Five years ago an empty bank building was purchased and this old institution got revived with daily shiurim by the local rabonim.

The appointment of rabbi Padva was enthusiastically received in the local charedi community and during only the first two weeks of rabbi Padva’s presence in Amsterdam he already gave 84 shiurim. These last years a revival of Yiddishkeit is noticeable in this city, after three years ago the more than 120 years old Nidche Israel Jechanes Synagogue started its Arba Kanfos programm, where during evening hours shiurim are given both in Hebrew and in Dutch to attract the many Israeli yordim and the local rechokim who resent to associate themselves to the official Jewish Community but are willing to search for their roots.


  1. The revival of Torah in Amsterdam is a real nes. It has been the dream of a handful of askonim but nobody could ever anticipate the incredible hatzlocho of the shiurim mentioned in the article. It was a pleasure to witness the open simcha with which the Chief Rabbi of Amsterdam, the venerable Gaon Harav Meir Just shlitoh, who for over 40 years has been standing guard and fought constantly against all infringement against authentic Torah, sat there last Sunday night and witnessed this majestic event.

  2. Rav Padwa was brought in to fill in the gap of daily shiurium that is lacking in this prestiguous community.
    Actually there has been a revival in Amsterdam over the past few years. Two years ago the community appointed Rav Aryeh Ralbag from Brooklyn to serve as their Av Bais Din and official Chief Rabbi of the Amsterdam Orthodox Jewish community.(Rav M. Yust retired over 20 years ago from his position). Rav Ralbag has brought in to serve as Dayanim Rav Eliezer Wolf from Marseilles and Rav Refoel Evers from Amsterdam. Also recently with the full encouragement of the Amsterdam Rabbinatte, six new Yungeleit from Eretz Yisroel and a new Rosh Kollel Rav Rapaport have come to the city and are working hand in hand with the Rabbinate and Kehilloh to spread and further Yiddishkeit.
    Rav Padwa’s appointment which will also be working hand in hand with the Chief Rabbinate will surely enhance the city’s well known heritage.

  3. You are right that Rav Just retired from his position as Chief Rabbi of Amsterdam. That was a mistake on my part. He is today the president of the Chief Rabbinate of the Netherlands and, despite his advanced age, he is still daily active in running its Beth Din and in harbotzas haTorah

  4. Why do we speak about Israeli Yordim? Why not about our brethern from Erets Yisraeel who chose tot live here?

    We know what yordin means. It sounds very negative.