Winograd Report Delivered To PM Olmert


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olmert sad.jpgAlmost a year and a half has passed since the Second Lebanon War. Many have forgotten about the finger-pointing which occurred after the mismanaged war – but not the Winograd Commission. They have been working diligently on a complete report into what went wrong, and we are just moments away from knowing on whom the blame will be placed.

As Ynet reported “The committee chairman, retired Justice Eliyahu Winograd, arrived at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem just before 5:00PM Wednesday to deliver the 500-page report to the prime minister and defense minister. 

At 6:00PM, the committee will hold a press conference at International Convention Center (ICC) in the capital, and Justice Winograd will read out the main parts of the report. Hundreds of reporters from Israel and the world will be present at the press conference.”


  1. Why does it take a year and a half to finish a report on a war that was only 6 short days? I did a book report when i was in elementary school on the second world war and that only took me one night. Even if I would have gotten higher than a ‘c” it still would have only taken me a day or so! Also how much of a commission is Winograd getting for this report anyway.