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Greenfield Calls on NYPD to Fire Officers Who Beat Unarmed Jewish Man

Brooklyn – Councilman David G. Greenfield is calling on the NYPD to fire and criminally investigate the two officers caught on surveillance video severely beating an unarmed Crown Heights man inside the Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults Center on East New York Avenue last week.

The man, Ehud H. Halevi, had permission to sleep at ALIIYA, which is a synagogue and outreach center for troubled youth serving the local Jewish community, when two officers from the 71st Precinct confronted him last Monday night. After Mr. Halevi told the officers he had permission to stay at the center, the two officers attempted to arrest him. When Mr. Halevi turned away from the officers, one of the officers immediately assumed a boxing stance before punching the defendant numerous times and continuing to attack the defenseless man. Both officers then proceeded to repeatedly beat Mr. Halevi with their fists and batons dozens of times. After several minutes, the officers placed him into custody with the help of ten additional police officers.

The entire episode was captured on surveillance cameras inside the center. Ironically, the victim was charged with felony assaulting a police officer and four misdemeanor charges before being released on bail.

“These appear to be two of the worst members of the NYPD. It is an embarrassment to the entire outstanding police department that two trained and armed police officers were unable to arrest this individual without resorting to the disturbing violence clearly shown on the video. By my count, one officer punched the victim over 20 times after he was already subdued. That’s insane,” said Greenfield. “I am calling on the NYPD to do the right thing and fire these two officers. I have also asked the District Attorney’s office to investigate these officers for possible criminal behavior in their assault on this defenselessness man. We must send a message that this type of violence against New York City citizens by anyone, much less police officers, will not be tolerated,” said Councilman David G. Greenfield.

Greenfield also noted that this was why he is supporting new legislation to establish an Inspector General of the NYPD. “Recent events have shown that there is a very clear need for additional oversight of the NYPD. That is why I am co-sponsoring legislation that would appoint an Inspector General to oversee the daily operations of the NYPD to prevent incidents like these from happening again.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

13 Responses

  1. Although he probably didnt enjoy the beating he will enjoy the 500k the tax payers of N.Y will ultimately give him. I hope he gets the best lawyer in NYC

  2. why arent the yidden marching in protest like the african americans always do?
    we need someone like sharpton to organize protests

  3. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bullies wearing badges and they give police a bad name. They are a disgrace to their uniform and should be treated like the thugs they are.

  4. To No. 4: We have Hashem, and we have lawyers who make a very nice living suing the city government for its excesses.

    To No. 7: In this instance, there is a tape, and the complaint is coming from a city councilman who, as far as I know, is not a rabble-rouser.

  5. @mewho, why don’t YOU come on down and support us? Bring your friends, help us protest. It’s easy to pontificate, not so easy to do. Here’s an idea: YOU “do” & I’LL criticize.

  6. To Git Meshige:

    Ever since 4 of NY’s Finest executed Gideone Bush in cold blood, in the heart of Boro Park, and was covered up by the then commisioner, the corrupt Howard Safer, I lost all respect for those low life dirt bags! I am always dan likav chov when it comes to the NYPD! It has only gotten worse under Ray “cover up” Kelly! I guess in your mind its also ok what they did to the veteran who was murdered by an Arab cop in Queens last week! Cops are PAID by us the tax payers to protect us, not to kill, mame, torture, give violations/tickets, etc…
    Btw, the voters should keep in mind, there is an individual who is running as a Democrat for State Senate in the Super Jewish District who said on the Nachum Segal show that the cops acted correctly when they executed Gideone Bush!

  7. #7 (“Git Meshige”), here are two reasons:

    1. Because a free people must remain vigilant to protect its rights, and suspicious of authority. That’s what America is about.

    2. Because we have an obligation from the Torah to judge a fellow yid favourably, which means giving him the benefit of any doubt. We have no right to be fair and neutral in a dispute between a ben yisroel and a nochri.

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