WATCH: Did Obama Compare U.S. Under Trump To Hitler’s Rise In Nazi Germany?



Former President Barack Obama urged Americans to defend democracy in a speech to the Economic Club of Chicago in which he appeared to use the rise of Adolf Hitler as a warning against the rise of bigotry and nativism under President Donald Trump.

Although he did not refer to Trump by name, there have been accusations that a former president was comparing the current president with the likes of Hitler Y”MS.

In the speech on Tuesday, Mr Obama told his audience that the danger was of “grow[ing] complacent”, according to Crain’s Chicago Business newspaper.

“We have to tend to this garden of democracy or else things could fall apart quickly,” he said during a question and answer session.

Despite the democracy of the Weimar Republic, he added, Adolf Hitler rose to power.

“Sixty million people died. … So, you’ve got to pay attention. And vote,” he said, referring to the death toll from the Second World War.

Michael Johns, a Tea Party founder, described the comments as “absurd”.

“It’s unfortunate that a former president, who is no doubt an intelligent man, would make that mistake. Hitler killed six million innocent civilians; Donald Trump has created over one million jobs and killed absolutely no-one.

“There is no equivalence.”

Jesse Watters, a political commentator, said on Fox News: “I thought Obama was better than this. To compare his successor to Adolf Hitler… horrible. It’s demeaning and beneath him.”

He added that Mr Obama was bitter as his legacy being unravelled.

“I understand why he’s angry but that was a horrific comparison,” he said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The fact that he said that is almost no surprise, he is a vindictive person. What bothers eme most is that the media ignores it, yet picks up on anything that the President says.

  2. The one who is closer to Hitler (YemachShmo) is Hussein Obama (YemachShmo) . By giving Iran ability to complete their nukes and shipping them $$$ billions in cash, Obama (YemachShmo) was working on new “Final Solution”

  3. Re: Katarina Covfefe’s remarks:
    The Nazis and Hitler were resoinsible for the direct and indirect death’s of 90 million People in WWII. This is historical fact. You’re stating that “Hitler ימ״ש killed only 6 million civilians”, casts serious doubts on the truthfulness of your article. I don’t believe a word of it.

  4. Re: Katarina Covfefe’s remarks
    Should say: Your quoting Michael Johns who said: Michael Johns, a Tea Party founder, described the comments as “absurd”.
    ” Hitler killed six million innocent civilians;”

  5. MOsheinGolus is absolutely right. Obama openly helped the enemies of Israel. He was a horrible president. A left leaning socialist. We are fortunate that Hillary is not in the White House.