Brooklyn Libraries Thank Greenfield For Millions In Funding


Representatives from Midwood and Mapleton libraries thanked Councilman David G. Greenfield during a farewell tour last week for the millions in government funding that he has secured to improve local libraries and open them on Sunday.

Greenfield’s mark on Midwood Library, on East 16th Street and Avenue J, is easy to discern. In 2015, he cut the ribbon on a new outdoor plaza at the library with benches, fountains, and gardens. In fact, his role in the library’s history will continue for years, with a $3.5 million renovation of the library’s second floor, which he has already funded, set to begin construction in 2018. The project will leave Midwood Library with a brand new state-of-the-art children’s floor.

“Thousands of children visit Midwood Library each week, but the children’s floor is woefully out of date,” Greenfield said. “Yet Midwood and Boro Park have more young children than anywhere else in New York, and they deserve the best public resources. That’s why we’re going to completely rebuild the second floor and give kids more computers, more books, and more spaces for play, plus stroller parking for their parents.”

“Midwood Library has benefited greatly from the very generous support provided by Councilman Greenfield,” said Managing Librarian Steven Rosenberg. “He has allocated a considerable amount of money for the Midwood Library, which has greatly enhanced our Jewish Interest book collections. The front of the building has been completely renovated thanks to his generosity–providing a lovely space with trees and flowers for members of the public to sit on comfortable benches and to enjoy the quiet space.”

After Midwood Library, Greenfield visited Mapleton Library on 60th Street and 17th Avenue, where he has donated thousands of new Jewish books and also secured over $1 million for a new outdoor sitting space and playground. Greenfield was accompanied during his visits by Brooklyn Libraries Executive Vice President David Woloch, whom he called an incredible community partner.

At each site, Greenfield thanked individual staff members for their contributions to the city’s next generation. “There’s no better use of city funds than education and safe after-school spaces for children, and that’s what these libraries are. Better libraries make for a better Brooklyn,” Greenfield said.

Greenfield also oversaw the construction of the brand new Kensington Library on 18th Avenue. That beautiful 18,500 square foot building is one of the first new libraries in a generation in Brooklyn and was paid for with $15 million in government funding.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)