Tragedy In Uman; Infant Suddenly Dies


An Israeli infant who was in Uman with her parents was found unconscious on Friday morning after she did not wake up from her sleep. United Hatzalah volunteers from the Uman Chapter were alerted to the incident by organization’s dispatch center in Jerusalem and rushed to the scene. The volunteers performed CPR on the infant for more than an hour and after consulting with a doctor were forced to pronounce the infant dead.

The United Hatzalah volunteers in the Uman chapter Shmuel Chaim Kain and Matityahu Shapira reported from the scene: “United Hatzalah’s international dispatch center received the call from Ukraine regarding the infant who did not wake up from her sleep. The dispatch center alerted us to the incident which took place near our location. Less than a minute from receiving the call we arrived at the address of the family and began CPR efforts to resuscitate the child. A few minutes after our arrival other volunteers arrived together with two local ambulances. Unfortunately, we were forced to pronounce the child dead after more than an hour of CPR efforts and consulting via telephone with a doctor who also volunteers with United Hatzalah and provides medical consultation in such instances.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. To annoyed: What is it your business? Did they need your permission? You should be expressing sympathy to the poor parents, not criticizing. What a tragedy, BDE.