WATCH: President Obama Working Overtime To Slam President Trump?



  1. obumma has done nothiing but destroy America and President Trump what he has done in less than a year has shown what a looser his and his told administration has done. I did not like him as president but i hate him as an ex president
    What he is doing shows how he was as president

  2. If he doesn’t keep his mouth shut I think it’s time to dig up some dirt from his 8 years of destroying this country!!!!! Unfortunately he covers his tracks better than crooked hillary!!

  3. This may say positive for Trump. But it speaks volumes about Obama. After his 8 years of wrecking America, he cannot tolerate handing over the reins to another administration. He entered politics with an agenda, a very sinister one. He failed to accomplish the extremes that he wanted. But he managed to finance Iran, Hamas, and he murdered the economy with stupid policies. Trump can accomplish great things without pushing any of his policies – just overturn the garbage that Obama inflicted on us. But he is doing that and more. And the media tries desperately to prove that Trumps policies are damaging the country, and they fail every time.

    Need I say that we have tremendous hakoras hatov to HKB”H for getting the current president. May the past administration that imposed so much destruction on us be forever forgotten, and may their damage be speedily repaired with Syatta Dishmaya.