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US Congressman Tom Lantos of California Dies

lantos.jpgA spokeswoman for Rep. Tom Lantos of California says the congressman has died, the Associated Press is reporting. Spokeswoman Lynne Weill said this morning that the 80-year-old Lantos, the only survivor of the Holocaust to serve in Congress, died at Bethesda Naval Medical Center. Lantos, a Democrat who chaired the House Foreign Affairs Committee, disclosed last month that he had been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus.


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  1. Not only was he man of great dignity and ethics, Congressman Lantos was the main supporter of H.Res. 185, the Resolution that recognizes Jews from Arab countries as refugees. The Resolution was to go to the House Foreign Affairs Committee for final markup this week.

    Senator Lantos knew what it was to be hated for being a Jew, and his compassion for his brothers and sisters from Arab lands should not be thrown aside. G-d willing, his committee, congress as a whole, the senate, and President Bush will agree to pass the resolution and acknowledge the pain that the Jews from Arab countries have endured.

    May this resolution be passed in his memory.

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