Schumer Calls For Federal Aid To Fight The Flu In New York


Senator Chuck Schumer is calling for federal aid in fighting the flu in New York.

Schumer’s office says more than 5,200 New Yorkers have been hospitalized with the flu this season, and the number is up by 54 percent last week.

He wants the Centers for Disease Control to dispatch a “domestic flu surveillance team” to study specific strains and treatments.

They would look at the hardest hit areas and detect changes in the virus, and also determine which specific strain is circulating.

“We have several strains, and they are treated in different ways. They’re hitting different areas and different age groups. The CDC teams are experts at figuring this out quickly and telling us how to combat it,” Schumer said.

Schumer says a CDC team could help the state “break its fever” by assisting the state and city public health officialo with efforts already underway in the state.

(Source: NY1)


  1. The CDC has been exposed as being a corrupt government agency that is controlled by the Pharmaceutical industry. They should be disbanded. Notice how all the reports dishonestly refer to Flu Like Illness,Influenza Like Illness,Influenza,and Flu as though they are all the same thing.This is deliberately being done in order to arouse fear and terror in the public and create the perception that there is some uncontrolled epidemic going on. There is no epidemic and you don’t need a flu shot/Alzheimers shot unless you want to increase your risk of Alzheimers. What you need is Vitamin D to both prevent and treat the flu.

  2. What’s wrong, Chuck? You don’t milk new New Yorkers out of enough tax money already that you have to double dip and get the Feds involved?