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Delaware: Yeshiva Bochrim Involved In Serious Accident

star of life1.gifWhat could have ended in tragedy – ended in a miracle this afternoon. YWN has learned that a vehicle carrying Bochrim from Yeshiva Ner Yisroel in Baltimore was travelling to Lakewood for a Chasunah. At some point in the state of Delaware, on I95, the vehicle was involved in a major accident – totaling the vehicle. Bichasdei Hashem all the Bochrim were able to extricate themselves from the vehicle – all with no injuries.

A charter bus that was travelling from Baltimore to Lakewood for the same Chasunah, stopped off to pick up the Bochrim and took them to the Chasunah.


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  1. the headline for this news update makes it sound like a tragedy g-d forbid.
    this is such wonderful news. the headline should say b’chasdei hashem bochurims lived saved!
    keep up the good work!

  2. They were on their way to a mitzva.
    Did they say or forget Tefillas Haderech??
    B.H. they are alive!! Nissim in month of Adar

  3. ImustShteig,
    you must shteig indeed- you may have a point, but your comparison is way off- over there, He knew the bad news for 22 years- all she had to report was the good news. Over here, it is YeshivaWorld who is reporting the whole deal, beginning and end. Just thought I’d point that out, Being that you want to shteig and i want to help you learn how to shteig- Lomdus,etc… A sevara you have – a raaya- Far from it.

  4. Why does EVERYTHING always have start an argument? Can’t we just be happy that B”H everyone is safe? Do we always have “out-frum” or “out-learn” each other? Enough already!

  5. Just spoke with my friend who was in the car.

    The car was in the middle lane, the driver lost control, it made a 180, the back bumper hit the median, and the car jerked back into the left lane. The car was NOT totaled, and bechasdei hashem, there were only minor bruises.

    I do agree with the commentor who mentioned that the headline should have mentioned that there were no injuries – why scare and shock people needlessly?

  6. Referring to # 11: “… the driver ‘lost control’, the back bumper hit the median, and the car jerked back into the left lane. The car was NOT totaled, and, bechasdei hashem, there were onlly minor bruises”.
    If all this really true – despite the fact that must be mentioned that traveling long distance to be mesamaiach chosson vekallah is a notable & noteworthy mitzvah that deserves a lot of encouragement… in this case it seems this driver was not up to it, but was still behind the wheel, endagering all the other young lives who were in the car with him, as well as own.
    Shouldn’t this be a wake-up call to Yeshiva authorities to maybe question this entrenched, accepted practice of bochurim driving to their chaver’s long-distance chassuna? Maybe they should insist that BUS transportation be provided in ALL such cases!
    We want all chassunes and simchos to have related events that are ONLY positive and adding to the simcha, and never ch”v otherwise.

  7. #13-It does not say anywhere WHY the driver lost control. Maybe the road was slippery or something? Let us not just jump to conclusions that the driver was not up to it.

  8. DaasTorahWtchdg, Were talking about a 2 and a half hour drive. That is not considered a far distance. I also think that when were dealing with guys that are about 21+, they are all old enough to know if they can make the trip. Who are we to say what caused the accident? It could have been anything- for us to insist that everybody take bust transport ion sounds ridiculous.

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