Sheves Achim – (Listen to Preview)


sa.jpg(Click HERE to listen to a preview )Sheves Achim is the name of this new dynamic young group, comprised of two brothers, Shimon and Moshe Bell. They have both sung for a number of years, as star soloists in the Kol Berama choir of Bet Shemesh, as well as Nachman Seltzer’s Shira Chadasha Boys Choir. Their voices can already be heard on the album, “Shabbos: Get Ready,” which also features them exclusively on the track, Ogil. Their debut album is
being produced by Ari Goldwag, who is also responsible for seven compositions on the album, as well as the musical arrangements. Two songs were composed by Sheves Achim themselves, and two more were composed by Sheves Achim together with Ari Goldwag. They have a distinct sound, combining excellent vocals and exciting harmonies. The result is one you won’t want to miss. Distributed by Aderet Music.