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Monsey: ASHAR Grateful For Use Of Public School As Temporary School

ashar.jpgThe Journal News reports: A group of boys and teachers from a local Orthodox Jewish day school gathered yesterday for a prayer service in the Lime Kiln Elementary School cafeteria.

While the scene wasn’t exactly common for a public school, it happened, thanks to the outreach work of the local school district.

On Feb. 12, a blaze tore through the gym and Shul of the Adolph Schreiber Hebrew Academy of Rockland [reported HERE on YWN], destroying part of the building and leaving a stench of smoke throughout it.

While the building is being cleaned, East Ramapo’s administrators offered ASHAR space at Lime Kiln, just up the road from the school, all this week during February vacation.

At ASHAR yesterday, a team of more than 20 workers have been scrubbing every bulletin board, book and ceiling and nearly every inch of the school, working to remove the smell.

Near where the fire started in an adjoining building, burned metal chairs and reams of charred prayer books were stacked.

It was unknown if the school would rebuild the burned section of ASHAR. Instead, administrators might decide to move and build an entirely new day school.

For now, students and teachers will start using the gym as a temporary Shul and cafeteria.

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  1. Kol Hakavod to Rabbi Beller, Mrs. Borgan, Mr. Yossi Nussbaum, Mrs. Lisa Webber, Mr. Daryl Hagler and the entire faculty body and administrators at ASHAR, the ASHAR custodians, as well as the countless parents that have voluntered this week, for all their hard work in ensuring that classes could be resumed. Thanks to Kehillat Bais Yehuda (Rabbi Blass) for opening their doors for our boys to daven Shacharit this week.

  2. Nice to hear of such help. My fear is

    the ACLU and their ilk will learn of this and

    petition the courts to stop it.

    A goy
    Gerry Mullen

  3. Gerry (a Person – no other label needed),

    my fear was that the JN blog was going to be filled with anti-semitic diatribes.

    A Yid


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