SHOCKING IMAGES: Heavy Damage Seen Following Fire At Tziyon Of Reb Elimelech In Lizhensk On Yartzheit



People were shocked and stunned to see the extent of the damage from the fire at the Tziyon Of Reb Elimelech in Lizhensk.

As YWN had reported on Thursday night, a fire broke out on the day that thousands upon thousands of people had Davened at the Kever – the Yartzheit Thursday, 21 Adar.

Images submitted to YWN show heavy damage to the entire structure – as well as Sifrei Kodesh burned R”L.

The fire apparently broke out in a tent next to the Tziyon, where hundreds of candles were burning. The fire soon spread into the Tziyon, where thousands of “kvitlach” had been placed by Mispallelim at the Kever. There had been candles burning by the Kvitlach which also caught fire, causing the entire Tziyon to turn into flames and smoke.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. why dont they learn from other tzadikim mekomes hakdoshim that you can only light candles outdoors in a designated fire proof area.This is a chill mekoym hatzadikim allowing this to happen.

  2. Looks like no one, b”H, was hurt. ANd davening wasn’t interrupted.

    Undoubtedly this was from the candles lit unsafely-look at the final pix posted.

  3. Probably R. Elimelech wants that Yidden should stay home & spend the time to Daven & learn in their own Beis Hamidrash and spend the money for Ztedakah Vochesed.

  4. Oh no!
    So what’s going to be with all those guillibe lemechels who sent in their checks to have some alleged lamed vov Tzaddik daven for them over there?! Will they get a refund? Will the kever answer their sent in teffilos anyway?

  5. If each of the thousands of people who spent hundreds of dollars to get and stay there in the past year contributes “ma’aser” of 10% of their total expenses, the tzion will be able to be restored easily and quickly. YWN: please let us know where to send our donations to.

  6. “There’s a fire! Quick, say tehillim!”
    If that does not summarize our community’s biggest troubles in one photo, I do not know what does.