Hikind Launches PolandMurderedJews.com; Consul General of Poland Says He Is ‘Deeply Worried’


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New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) has launched a new website called PolandMurderedJews.com in defiance of the law recently passed by Poland, which forbids discussion of Poland’s role in the Holocaust. The website, which opens with a video of Hikind discussing the need for historical accuracy, will display facts about Poland’s official atrocities before, during and after World War II.

“Poland’s attempt to whitewash its role in the murder of innocent men, women and children via their despicable Holocaust Denial Law has had a chilling effect on all of us who understand what really occurred in Poland—both before, during and after the war,” said Hikind. “I am the son of Holocaust survivors who lost their families in Auschwitz. I’ve met with hundreds of survivors throughout my lifetime, and throughout my 36 years in public office. I believe my district contains more survivors than any other district in the country. We know the truth and we’re not going to allow Poland to deny what they did.

“The new Polish law is bad enough,” Hikind continued. “Hearing Poland’s Prime Minister and his father add insult to injury is bad enough. But most importantly, Jewish leaders in Poland have made it clear that they are fearful of new and mounting dangers in Poland, which now denies its history of official anti-Semitism. Telling the truth to the world and protecting future generations of innocent Jews is incumbent upon all of those who G-d empowers with the ability to make a difference.”

Within hours of launching his new website, Hikind came under fire from the Consul General of Poland in New York, Maciej Golubiewski.

Golubiewski wrote, “It is deeply worrisome that someone representing the city of New York in the New York State Assembly would purposefully use the expression that has been officially condemned.”

“I’m not the least surprised that the truth is disturbing to Poland’s officials,” Hikind retorted. “If they were committed to the truth, they would take responsibility for their role in this great historical tragedy. Let Poland condemn what occurred and work toward making certain that something like this never occurs to any people. Whitewashing history is an irresponsible, dishonest way to expunge their guilt. And they’re not fooling anyone.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Everyone is upset about the new law in Poland, but this is completely over the top. Polandmurderedjews.com? Talking like the Polish all think as one collective brain? Why doesn’t he just condense his thoughts into a pamphlet he can call “Protocols of the Elders of Poland?”

  2. Dov Great site bravo for standing up, one thing the comments on the site are not fitting on the page you can only read the first line the rest is off the page something has to be adjusted

  3. Whilst I obviously understand Mr Hikind’s pain, I have also have close relatives who suffered big time, I must ask if this is the right way to deal with this.
    I would be interested to know if Mr Hikind actually sought Daas Torah before doing this.
    Surely at least for now this matter should be sorted , if possible, by diplomatic moves.