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New York To Require Diaper Changing Stations In Restrooms

New York will require all new publicly accessible bathrooms statewide to have diaper changing stations.

The new rule will apply to men’s and women’s bathrooms and will cover any new or renovated restroom open to the public.

Lawmakers added the provision to the recently approved state budget. It’s intended to make it easier for parents of either gender who have young children.

Democratic Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul says it’s part of the state’s broader effort to make sure that even the youngest New Yorkers get the help they need. She says that as a mother, she’ll never forget the stress of searching for a changing area when out in public with a baby.


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  1. Excellent. Many other places have such a rule. Family friendly policies come in many forms, and this is one that often gets overlooked. It’s nice that they also recognize that children have fathers. Anything that makes life easier for the parents of small children is welcome.

  2. Can we stop with this “nanny state” business? I’ve been out with a baby that needed a diaper change. That’s why I bring changing mats along with me. I don’t expect private businesses to be forced to accommodate babies.

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