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FULL VIDEO/PHOTOS: Levaya Of Yisroel Levin Z’L In Eretz Yisroel

The levaya of Yisroel Levin Z”L in Eretz Yisroel began at 12:00PM Eastern Time.

Yisroel was R”L killed in a horrific crash last week, together with his Kallah, Elisheva Kaplan A”H.

Yisroel was buried beside his brother Ari Z”L in Bet Shemesh.

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  1. I just finished wat hung this leaves in Eretz Yisroel! This is a tragedy for all of Klal Yisroel ! We must all mourn this terrible loss. Each and everyone of us can internalize what we need to do in our private lives as a zechus for these holy neshamos that we’re taken from us . May we share the ultimate geula bekoriv!

  2. can’t wrap my head around this family and their pain. heartwrenching. the youngest brother’s comment about how he had been planning things he wanted to say at the sheva brochos and was now using them for a hesped…ain milim. can’t imagine how each of them is going to pick up the pieces of their life. And Ari’s twin? I can’t fathom it.

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