Councilman Yeger Brings Smiles and Bike Helmets to Families at Gravesend Park


Brooklyn—New York enjoyed one of its most successful bike helmet giveaways ever on Sunday, May 6th, at Gravesend Park in Borough Park, all thanks to Councilman Kalman Yeger. Vision Zero and Department of Transportation officials came with 2,000 custom-fitted bike helmets, and lines stretched along 18th Avenue with families eager for the life-saving equipment.

“This is a fantastic event that brings families together and saves lives,” Councilman Yeger said. “Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to visit Gravesend Park, Borough Park’s very own nature sanctuary.” The subject of a $7 million construction project funded by former Councilman David Greenfield, the revitalized Gravesend Park opened in 2016 with new playground equipment, sports fields, and acclaimed landscaping.

While enjoying the park, Councilman Yeger was joined by Simcha Eichenstein, a long-time community leader and public servant.

“Wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle is extremely important,” Eichenstein said. “It prevents serious injuries and saves lives. I’m grateful to Councilman Yeger for organizing this free helmet event. Mixing a safety message with something enjoyable is the ideal way to impress safety measures on our children.”

The event’s robust turnout was also due in part to the “Sunday Extravaganza!” put on by Nachas Health and Family Network, UnitedHealthcare, and Borough Park Shomrim. Families who came for a bike helmet were also able to partake in wholesome family entertainment and amusement rides.

According to Councilman Yeger, attendees couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. “This was a wonderful way to kick off the summer. Baruch Hashem, the weather was perfect. While rain was predicted, we ended up with a clear, beautiful day at Gravesend Park. Now thousands of parents in our community can be assured of their children’s safety,” said Councilman Yeger.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. This park was a colossal waste of money. It was redone, and it was fine. That cost taxpayers a few million. Then just a few short years later, it was done again, more millions, all because of the 2 million dollar bathroom that was wasteful (pun intended). The park itself is nice, but it was fine before the second renovation was done.

    If Yeger wants to do something for Boro Park, he should address the problems with parking. It is a disaster, and not getting better.

  2. This bike helmet ,give a way, makes me cringe….Were, are dear precious children not worth the $10 or so ” 2 WEEKS ago ” when they road their bikes.Why wait to “shnorrer” a freebee and let our kids be without without helmets !!! Its a shame and disgrace that the vision zero have to give away 2000 !!! helmets.. In our caring kehilla, with so much being spent on “shtussim” are precious kids safety is left to the Dept of transport. as everyone knows

    “Wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle is extremely important,” Eichenstein said. “It prevents serious injuries and saves lives.

    What right do parents have ,NOT to have already BOUGHT _ yes you PARENTS …spend your money correctly . I hope that no one now waits till next years scrounge !!!