Indictment Handed Down Against Grandson Of Chareidi MK Arrested At Ben Gurion With Millions In Cocaine


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The chareidi suspect apprehended at Ben-Gurion Airport with a commercial quantity of cocaine was indicted. Police reveal they have learned the young man was given $4,000 for his efforts, to bring the cocaine to Israel.

The indictment says he was contacted in a hotel in Antwerp, and he was given the suitcase on a street.

The attached video shows the inspection and revelation of the drugs in a double-walled suitcase by customs agents at Ben-Gurion Airport.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This guy’s life is about to get interesting in very negative ways. It’s hard to sympathize, seeing he received $4,000 for the smuggling operation. He clearly wasn’t duped.

  2. Arizona, he wasn’t duped if he was really paid $4000. So far not even the Israeli Police have offered any proof of that and when they do come up with something who says it has to be believed.

  3. Unfortunately, Money turns people into complete fools. But helping to destroy thousands of lives with drugs for 4 grand …… that’s a new level.
    On another note, white Merlot ( yes there is such a thing ) does not go into a green bottle. It is bottled clear.