Oklahoma Muslim Woman Says Rights Violated Over Headscarf

Suha Elqutt with her daughter

A Muslim woman who alleges she was denied entry into the Tulsa County Courthouse because of her religious headscarf has filed a federal lawsuit against the county sheriff.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday on behalf of Suha Elqutt by the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma. A similar suit was filed in California.

The lawsuit alleges Elqutt was refused entry to the courthouse on April 10 when metal detectors were set off by a hairpin under her hijab. It says officers insisted Elqutt remove her headscarf in front of male sheriff’s deputies in violation of her religious beliefs. She entered the courthouse after two female deputies inspected her hair in a parking garage.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Casey Roebuck has denied the allegations.



  1. Setting off court security scanners dressed in Muslim attire isn’t exactly a comfortable situation for law enforcement. Terrorists have used similar strategies, of incrementally advancing weapons, explosives, etc., by first passing with benign items like silverware, metal buttons, etc. These allow them to test the protective systems they are trying to compromise. They’ll send mothers, children, etc., as first testers. Maybe not the case here, but who wants the risks. The insidious elements of radicalized terrorists, are constantly looking for opportunities to claim a victory against America by killing our people. This liberal effort to wash away statistically significant indications of criminality is being used by criminally saturated groups (ethnic, religious, and/or ideological) to sue for greater freedoms / less restrictions in pursuit of weakening law enforcement’s defensive capabilities. This woman should be sensitive to that, but her insensitivity and demands for protection against the non-Islamic world (she may be part of an effort to accuse people to enable Islamophobic legislation or looking for a payout) is further proof of suspicious motives. I will wear a cap and have been asked to remove it at airport security checkpoints. We all face a different security paradigm since Islamic terrorism made America a target. Get with the program, or move to an Islamic society where your rights are compromised pervasively, but you can wear your outfits all the time. I think the assignment of security women to check her is standard.