Prominent Chareidi Activist Warns: ‘No Future’ For Orthodox Jews In Britain Due To Education Reforms


Rabbi Aharon Klein, one of the heads of the Belzer community in London, warned his constituents on Thursday that should the decisions regarding the education in Charedi schools in England go against the ethos taught by the community, then there would be no future for the Charedi community in England whatsoever.

The new rules set down by the Education Ministry, which helps fund the schools, is to teach about “the other and one who is different from the lifestyle of the students.”

“The English are not particularly taking aim at the Charedi schools, but rather trying to prevent young Englishmen and women from becoming too entrenched in their own beliefs and going off and joining a peripheral segment of society that is antagonistic towards others. However, the plans put forth by the Ministry instructed all schools including the Charedi ones to teach about people and their lifestyles that are considered To’eva.”

“From including heresy against G-d as well as things that fall into the category of rather die then transgress as well as other to’eva materials, none of these things will be taught in a Charedi school, for no such school will agree to teach these things.

Three months ago, HaRav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman from Gateshead passed along a similar message, stating that the situation is serious and that the Jews may have to leave en masse.

“The interference of the British Government in religious education is the most serious problem for the Jewish community since Edward the First expelled the Jews more than 700 years ago. English Jewry feels that it is in crisis right now.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. So where is the next stop? France? Germany? maybe Italy? US won’t take them. So who is left. The zionists. They will gladly take you. Don’t worry its just Hashems way of the ingathering of the exiles. Pretty soon half the yidden in the world will be living Al Admas Hakodesh.

  2. LGBT activists have loads of money to promote their agenda ,and religious rights(except for those of Moslems) are being nullified.I hope more frum Yidden make aliyah so we have more people to stop toeva -promotion,chillul Shabbas,etc. in Ertez Yisrael.

  3. The same thing is likely to occur in other western countries as well as opposition to “toeiva” (and all forms of “sexual freedom”) is defined as discrimination and against public policy. We should expect than within a few generations, unless their is a conservative backlash to stop this policy, we will be forced to live in non-western countries.

  4. The Education Ministry does not “help fund the schools”, other than in the Nursery classes. The chareidim have generally avoided accepting state aid because of the control it cedes, imposing one problem after another.
    Little by little, the government has been eroding the independence of our Independent Schools.
    Now they want us to teach wrong as right, corrupt as pure, indulgence as a virtue.
    If you follow the government’s logic, if the public decided poor people had the right to take whatever they felt they need for a decent life, we would have to teach that stealing is laudable!
    The government’s stance is based on the breakdown of moral foundations, clearly mandated and required by all three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) which have underpinned our societies for thousands of years. Those “religious leaders” who have chosen to support the government have squandered their honesty and articles of faith for vainglory or temptation – or both.

  5. Well since the grmara talks about avodah zarah and mushkav zachor, I’m sure chasudim can learn about it as well. After all , they do hold by most of the gemara, don’t they?