Report: Amazon Destroys Large Amount Of New, Returned Goods


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German public broadcaster ZDF is reporting that online retailer Amazon destroys a large amount of new and returned goods even though they are in working order.

In a program that aired Tuesday, ZDF quoted current and former Amazon employees saying the products included electronics, appliances and clothing.

ZDF cited one unnamed Amazon worker saying she oversees the destruction of goods worth more than 23,000 euros ($27,000) each day.

Germany’s deputy environment minister, Jochen Flasbarth, told ZDF the alleged practice was “a huge scandal.”

A representative for Amazon in Germany didn’t respond to a request for comment.



  1. fakenews – not quite.

    First, too many buyers take advantage of the generous return policy to rip off the sellers, by buying brand new goods, using them for 44 days, and then returning them for free by claiming they were defective. There is no requirement of proof to claim that an item is defective. The seller is forced to give a full refund, and is now stuck with a used item that is 2 months older than it was and worth far less then when it was first sold. This causes a loss to the innocent seller. Those people deserve to be banned.

    Second, they only ban users who excessively return stuff. Even if they legitimately bought it and then decided to return it without using it, it still costs the amazon and the sellers shipping and packaging, and usually once opened the item can no longer be sold as new and loses value. Seller routinely buy many different styles, colors, and sizes of a single item just to try it out, and then return all or most of them.

    If you did any of these shtick with an ordinary store, they would surely ban you too.