Hikind Applauds MTA For Immediate Response To Swastika


NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) says the “See Something, Say Something” policy is working for New Yorkers—at least in his district. Contacted on Monday by a constituent whose family was offended by a swastika etched into a subway seat, Hikind wasted no time in contacting the MTA, which he said immediately responded.

“Andrew Inglesby, Assistant Director of Government and Community Relations for the MTA, called my office as soon as he heard from us,” said Hikind. “He was as outraged as we were and promised to take immediate action. That’s good service.”

Hikind said his constituent, whose first name is Hillel, complained that he was riding in car #2706 on the D train with his wife and small children where they saw the offensive hate symbol on the seat. Hillel photographed the swastika and emailed it to Hikind with the train information.

“It was hurtful to this family,” said Hikind. “There’s no two ways of viewing a swastika. It only means one thing. New Yorkers don’t want symbols of hate ruining our public transportation. I’m pleased that Hillel contacted us. Staying silent never helps anyone.”

Hikind thanked Inglesby and the MTA.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. De-lurking for a moment:

    Yesterday morning three swastikas appeared on a public stairway landing 50 feet from my house. NYPD was there, notified by at least two others, even before I got back from shul. They were there for seven hours, collecting evidence, and investigating who had surveillance cameras in the area that might identify a suspect. They painted over the swastikas before they left.