VIDEOS: NJ College Professor Denies Holocaust, Moon Landing in Class

William Paterson University sociology professor Clyde Magarelli

School officials at William Paterson University are reviewing videos that show a professor telling students the moon landing was faked and promoting other conspiracy theories including denying aspects of the Holocaust.

Freshman student Benny Koval, of Fair Lawn, says she raised concerns after sociology professor Clyde Magarelli said things in his “Social Problems” class that she says made her and others uncomfortable. Magarelli — who has taught at the publicly-funded William Paterson since 1967 — did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Associated Press on Wednesday.

One video shows Magarelli telling students that landing someone on the moon was impossible.

“We can’t land on it and get back. We’ve never landed on it, you didn’t know that?” he says in one clip.

Magarelli also claims that the Gestapo, the secret police of Nazi Germany, only engaged in torture during the “last part of the war.”

“It was very unfortunate, but most of all it was a waste of my time and money,” the 18-year-old told “It was incredibly frustrating going to a public university for a taxpayer-funded education and I’m learning about how the moon landing was faked.”

Koval, who is Jewish, posted other instances in which Magarelli makes offensive remarks about Native Americans, the Irish and abortion.

University officials said Tuesday they are looking into the complaint and videos. Koval says she was told Magarelli previously had complaints filed against him.

The school’s student newspaper reported in 1994 that the university was investigating Magarelli after he allegedly made claims in class that sharply minimized the death toll from Nazi concentration camps. He said a more “realistic” number was 700,000 to 800,000. The actual number is around 6 million.

(YWN / AP)


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