SEE THIS: Firefighters Break Windows Of Car Blocking Hydrant


Firefighters had to break the windows and run a hose through a car that was blocking a fire hydrant in New Jersey.

Firefighters arrived on the scene of a house fire early Thursday in Hamilton Township. But they found the car parked in front of the hydrant.

A picture posted on the Hamilton Township Professional Firefighters’ Facebook page shows they punched out the windows and threaded the hose through the car.

They had the fire under control quickly and no one was injured.



  1. OK here’s a question out of curiosity. No judgement on the firemen.
    Why couldn’t they just put the hose OVER the car instead of through it?? Not to say the guy parking was in any way right parking there, he was totally wrong. But why do the firefighters need to waste time, effort, and money bashing through the windows instead of doing it the more simpler way. i mean it looks more simpler from the pic?

  2. BaalHabooze: good question– I was wondering that myself. In addition to the time and money, I would be concerned that the shattered glass would damage the hose. Only thing I can think of is that the hose should be as straight as possible in order to allow for the optimal flow of water.

  3. “No judgement on the firemen”

    Yes judgement on the firemen. Bunch of self-righteous egotistical pigs. If they were cops they would’ve murdered the car owner. so let’s be glad firefighters don’t carry guns.

  4. I have heard of this practice, but until this report have never seen evidence of it actually happening. Clearly, it’s done to send a message.
    In a certain Brooklyn Jewish neighborhood parking at hydrants isn’t uncommon despite the fact that those doing so are putting the lives and property of Yiddin at risk.

  5. Of course they can go over the car around the car under the car whatever. You think a small curve in the hose makes that much of a difference?? Don’t be naive. This is more of a msg to the car owner than anything else. Firefighters do this all the time everywhere btw.

  6. When fire hose is pressurized, it becomes very hard. If the angle from the fire plug to the hose changes much from 180 degrees, it reduces the pressure.
    For those of you who have a garden hose, try folding the hose on itself. As the hose is constricted by the change in angle, the pressure is reduced.

  7. Parking by a fire hydrant is not so simple. If the firefighter has to squeeze between the hydrant and the car to attach the hose, precious moments could be lost. If it were your house you would not be too happy with the car blocking access to the hydrant. Yes, the hose can go around, above the car, etc. but perhaps the hose has to be attached in a straight tine to make a good connection. Any fire fighters out there?

  8. The hose likely does not fit under the car. Going over makes more curves in the hose, because it has to go over and back down, in the hose which blocks water flow.. This was straightest line to the pump.

  9. Chochom-ibber
    June 15, 2018 12:16 pm at 12:16 pm
    Ridiculous. They should have gone over saving time, money and in some circumstances even life. The whole No Parking by hydrants is a ticket grabbing nonsense.
    Karma is known to be sweet revenge ,so u may want to watch what you say. Be happy it wasnt your car or house.

  10. Are you all serious Rebbe Yid?!?!?!??!?! This is not ego! its a message to the owner and everyone. DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF A HYDRANT!!!!!!! You have the chutzpah to call the people who put their LIVES in danger FOR YOU “egotistical pigs”??? Why dont you put up a sign on your burning front door stating: “dear egotistical pigs: please do not save me or put your lives at risk for me and my family. thank you.”
    And to everyone: its NOT a waste of time to go thru the windows. dunno bout you but it takes me about 45 seconds to bash 2 car windows with the iron head of a hose and covered in gear.

  11. Yankelle is right. Fire hoses get almost 300 lbs per square inch of pressure inside them, which causes them to get very stiff and want to straighten out like a metal rod. The tight bend that would be caused by putting the hose over the car could cause many safety complications and might even damage the bodywork of the car. They’re doing the driver a favor by only ruining his windows.