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Misaskim To Receive Sefer Torah Number 16

misaskim.jpgThe Misaskim organization will I”H be receiving another Sefer Torah this coming Motzei Shabbos – in a low key event. This Sefer Torah will be #16 for the Misaskim organization – which are all used in the homes of Aveilim. A spokesperson from Misaskim tells YWN: “Unfortunately, 16 is still not enough! We are overwhelmed with requests for Sifrei Torah and do not have a sufficient amount.

The Sefer Torah is being donated by an anonymous individual, and will be finished on Motzei Shabbos Parshas Vayikra / Zachor.

In mid-June of 2007, Misaskim received seven Sifrei Torah simultaneously – in a tremendous event which was celebrated throughout the streets of Flatbush and Boro Park.

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  1. every new sefer is not ‘ a low key event’.the mitzvah and amelus that goes into your avoda is dear , precious and very important in any comunity, especially as the communities age. hatzlocho raba and continue with your good work l’zorach harabim.

  2. MISASKIM….. you are AMAZING!!! What a zechus you have… I am jealous!!! May Hashem reward you for all your efforts and may there not be a need of many more sifrei Toirah! Standing ovation for you!!!

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