Trump Warns Of ‘Violence’ If Republicans Lose Fall Elections


President Donald Trump urged evangelical leaders this week to get out the vote for the upcoming congressional elections and warned of “violence” by opponents if Republicans lose control of Congress.

That’s according to attendees at a Monday dinner at the White House, which was attended by dozens of Christian pastors, ministers and supporters of the president. Audio was obtained by media outlets, including The New York Times.

Trump talked up his administration’s efforts to bolster conservative Christian causes and warned the efforts could be quickly undone.

He warned those gathered that, “you’re one election away from losing everything you’ve got.”

And he said if Democrats win, they “will overturn everything that we’ve done and they’ll do it quickly and violently.” He specifically mentioned self-described antifa, or anti-fascist groups.



  1. Your headline suggests the Trump was saying his supporters will become violent and attack their opponents if the Republicans lose the midterm election (which is predictable, as most parties in power lose most midterm elections). The article in fact stated that Trump was saying that the radical left (which has become the new Democratic mainstream) will feel encouraged to becoming increasingly violent in attack conservatives including religious groups.

  2. “violence” by opponents if Republicans lose control of Congress.”
    sorry trump but this is against logic. the winner will become violent not the losers?

    Trump:pick one
    1) blame obama
    2) fake news

  3. > mayerfreund

    ‘the winner will become violent not the losers?”

    You sound skeptical. Ever read the news about sports games. What I read in most cases of violence the winners go mad with exuberance and trash the place.

    But in our case we already have had Democrats in position of leadership and politics openly calling out to harass (if not worse) Trump supporters and as the news has shown the calls have actually been put into action already.

  4. > mayerfreund

    I would add to my previous post that not so long ago “Antifah” (those are the anti-Trump guys) went on a rampage against everyone (including police) when they “won” in the sense that the expected alleged neo-Nazis never showed up at an alleged expected rally.

  5. The man is delusional and will say anything to distract Americans from his scandal plagued administration. It’s a pity he and his crime family won’t be in jail before midterms, but I’m patient. I’ll wait until 2019 to see him and his whole clan in jail.