WATCH: Aryeh Deri Honors Popular Singer Omer Adam For Not Performing on Shabbos



Shas party chairman, Minister of the Interior and Minister of Negev & Galil Development Aryeh Deri visited Sderot on Monday evening, taking part in an event along with 10,000 others, a free city-sponsored event in cooperation with the Ministry of Negev & Galil Development.

Deri stood on the stage alongside Mayor Alon Davidi, and then introduced the night’s main attraction, a popular local singer, Omer Adam. Deri praised him for not performing on Shabbos, crediting his success to his maintaining the sanctity of the holy day.

In recent years, Adam has had several songs which have become international hits, including “מהפכה של שמחה”, “מודה אני” and “Tel Aviv”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)