B’gan Recalls Black Eye Peas After Reported Bug Infestation [VIDEO]


B’gan has recalled black eye peas after a video went viral showing a bug infestation.

The video made the rounds on social media on Wednesday afternoon.

In the video, a person shows viewers an open bag of the product and proceeds to cut open a pea, revealing a live, crawling insect.

Many people have the Minhag to use black eye peas as one of the “simanim” on Rosh Hashana night.

The statement from B’gan reads as follows:

Dear B’gan Consumer,

It has been brought to our attention that some of B’gan Black-Eyed Peas have unfortunately become infested. As a precaution, all bags of B’gan Black-Eye Peas have been pulled from stores.

If you purchased this item, please return to the place of purchase for a full refund. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Note: This is an isolated incident and does not in any way affect any of our 14 varieties of beans.

We are extremely stringent in upholding our standards of kashrus and quality and always stand behind our products.

Looking forward to keeping you a satisfied B’gan customer with our full line of premium products.

Wishing you all a Kesiva v’chasima tova,

B’gan Foods

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Who’s hashgocha?
    Why didn’t the Hashgocha(s) make a recall?
    Everyone in kashrus (besides kcl) knows that black eyed peas (beans) should never be used as they are an infested item.

  2. Oy, between this and the contaminated chicken, I wonder if it is a sign for the Ribono that we need to step up our teshuvah!!! Maybe the reason that the sign is being given through food shows that we’ve become too obsessed with eating now-a-days, and have forgotten the need for our spiritual nourishment.

  3. Ughhh another disappointment with Jewish branded products which costs more than Non-Jewish branded products to provide the convenience of bug-free items. It’s been several years now already that we quit buying Jewish labeled products which are supposed to be guaranteed bug-free. Paying more for the label, and that’s about it. I will continue to buy fresh vegetables and do my own bedikah.

    yudel- One question for you. Shoprite brand (Non-Jewish branded) canned black eyed peas have an OU on it, as well as canned spinach. To me that means that the OU should guarantee everything in the contents of that canned food are kosher (with fully kosher ingredients and flavoring) and also ensure it is bug free. Otherwise, it would make one think of the validity of any hechshorim with vegetable/fruit products (canned, frozen, bottled)

  4. Many people use carrots instead of black eye peas. The word Rubia is equivalent to the Yiddish word merrin, which can mean more or carrots.

  5. Many use a smoked white fish, for rosh dug. Actually, once you cut off the tail, the rest is all roish. They. Charge so.much for fish head.

  6. ” They. Charge so.much for fish head.”

    local heimishe fish store in flatbush gives it free (as long as you buy something from the store). stop with your unsubstantiated claims.