WATCH: Getting Ready For The Yom Hadin – UMAN STYLE With a Major Concert



Thousands danced the night away in Uman on Motzei Shabbos, the last night of the year 5778. A massive tent with flashing lights was packed with thousands of revelers, as they danced for hours in anticipation of the new year.

The crowd was given free entertainment by various performers.

Tonight’s performers included Pumpidisa Band, Zusha, Nissim Black, DJ Matt Dubb, Simply Tzfat, Diaspora Yeshiva Band and others.

A massive concert is held on Motzei Rosh Hashanah as well.

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RAIN?! No problem #uman 🎥@picturemacher

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We're in #UMAN, be happy!

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  1. Hey everyone who’s inevitably gunna have negative things to say about this, remember the old saying, “Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.” We are all far from perfect, live and let live, you will find life much more peaceful.

  2. Mam
    I must respectfully disagree with you.
    Let me preface by saying I am NOT commenting on the above story. I do not have enough knowledge nor enough facts to have a serious say if they are correct.
    However the concept of live and let live is decidedly anti Jewish
    We are commanded to protest wrongdoing.
    You can argue as to the credentials of the one calling out, you can take an opposing position as to the merit of the individual act.
    But to advocate ”live and let live ” ??
    No. That’s simply wrong.
    Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo?
    Nice slogan, but it’s just a spineless person hiding behind a high faluten sounding phrase.
    Sometimes moral indignation is exactly that. Moral indignation.

  3. Good fun is great, and can even be ratzon Hashem if done with the correct intentions.
    But, GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!
    call me old fashion, but this is just wrong.

  4. Why is YWN so obsessed with Uman and what goes on there? Better to be obsessed over why thousands of men abandon their families for Rosh Hashana. Better to be obsessed as to why thousands of men leave E”Y when there is no halachic basis to do so. Better to be obsessed over the shameful “what happens in Uman stays in Uman” atmosphere.

  5. There are many ways to try and become close to hashem
    Although I don’t believe any married man should leave their family to go to uman
    Better to go to uman than look for the meaning of life in India or Thailand

  6. This is NOT what Reb Nachman wanted.
    We are not supposed celebrate before Succos. We are supposed to feel fear at at the upcoming Yom Hadin and be in a serious mood.

    This is ridiculous and has turned into a fardreite hippie movement supposedly all l’shem shomayim.

  7. Most of the people at the concert consider themselves to be Breslover Chasidim.
    The problem is that there is no real Breslover Rebbe in Uman. He died over 200 years ago.
    Without a living leader everyone can do anything and consider themselves a real Chosid.

  8. Just wondering if Reb Nachman hosted a concert the night before the Yom Hadin? And if anyone at the concert would attend such an event the night before a life changing court case he might have in secular courts.