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VIDEOS: WILD Scene As NYPD Shuts Down Unauthorized Boro Park Hachnosas Sefer Torah; 1 Arrested


A Hachnosas Sefer Torah in Boro Park on Sunday afternoon ended in chaos and at least one person arrested.

Sources tell YWN that at around 6:00PM, hundreds of people began a procession accompanying a new Sefer Torah to the Dzebo Bais Hamedrash. There was apparently no permit issued for a street closure, and police responded due to massive traffic in the area.

As can be seen in the attached video footage, numerous NYPD vehicles responded to the vicinity of 16th Ave & 51st street and ordered the pedestrians onto the sidewalks in an attempt to open the street.

Several individuals intentionally ignored police, prompting officers to get out of their vehicles and physically move the protestors. At least person was arrested.

The NYPD called for a Level 1 Mobilization Response, prompting dozens of officers to respond.

It should be noted that there are no legitimate permits issued for Hachnosas Sifrei Torah. A phone call is made to the Community Board who coordinates it with Shomrim and informs the NYPD of the event. In this particular incident, the Community Board was never contacted, for unknown reasons.

A group of around 100 Bochrim staged a small protest outside the 66 Precinct on 16 Avenue, while community activists worked behind the scene to defuse the situation.

The man was released at around 9:30PM as the crowd cheered and sang as he exited the Precinct.

YWN ADDS: While the police response and actions can be called “police brutality” or “excessive force”, instead the angry group of pedestrians appallingly began chanting “Nazi” at the NYPD Officers – once again demonstrating that many members of the Jewish community haven’t a clue who the Nazis were. These people are simply trampling on the names of the 6 million Kedoshim HY”D. The people quick to use the word Nazi today, have obviously no clue – just as an example – what took place in just one day at Treblinka.

UPDATE: The Hachnosas Sefer Torah was allowed to continue, as can be seen in the video below:



(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)

91 Responses

  1. Someone told me that is was shmira that called police because they were not called to control traffic i don’t know if that is true or not

  2. if it would of been a Spanish parade the police would not have stopped it because of fear of being called a raciest
    we must stand up to this police brutality

  3. What a chillul Hashem…. If you want to be mechabeid the Torah, start by following it. Respect the laws of the land and get a stupid permit for your parade, and stop acting like children.

  4. Such a Chilul Hashem, the people think they own the street. As is common for the shuls in BP to make the Sukkahs on the sidewalk and block the passerbyers. The police showed them who is the real boss.

  5. Why are people and yelling and all upset? BH the police did their job. Not sure why they were so nice and didnt arrest more people. We get everything we want from them. You wanna make a hachnosas sefer Torah? Guess what? Theres a procedure for that. You cant just do what you want and think you control the world. THIS is what we call a chilul Hashem. A huge apology from this community is in order.

  6. Ywn is not makpid on loshon harah, and please dont start with je got what he deserved he should’ve thought beforehand. The chofetz chaim doest differentiate if he does please show me

  7. It’s about time that the boro park community realizes that shomrim is a threat, it’s a terrorist group not a patrol agonizing!!!! I think the protests should be in front of the shomrim HQ

  8. שומרים שומרים שומרים!

    פארוואס דארפן מיר זיי ?
    ס׳האט זיך יעצט אפגעשפילט א מעשה אין בארא פארק ווי א חשובע משפחה האט אריינגעגעבן א ספר תורה צו זיין לאקאלע בית המדרשה אין בארא פארק, אזוי ווי ביי אלע הכנסת ספר תורות אין שטאט קאלט מען שמירה אדער שומרים צו קאנטראלירן דעם ציבור, האט דעי משפחה געקאלט שמירה זאל דערפון קעירנעמען,
    היות שומרים שלאגט זיך מיט שמירה האט שומרים געקאלט די פאליס זיכער אז די הכנסת ספר תורה ווערט געשטערט, און דאס האט גורם געווען די היינטיגע שרעקליכע חילול השם.

  9. To a caring Jew, let’s say your right shimira was malshin but to scream at police? Go to the rabbanim that they should asser shimira but this is a pure Chillul Hashem and no Poisek would allow you to resist arrest since it’s against Dina Demalchisah. If we were Spanics protesing I’m not sure if the police wouldn’t intervene, but even if they wouldn’t we are held to a higher standard of living to the Torah which assar a Chillul Hashem.

  10. WHAT A CHILLUL HASHEM. Forget the reasons how it happened. THIS WILL BE ALL
    OVER THE PAPERS. Do we not have enough problems. Jewish people what on earth is wrong with all of u!! Resisting arrest!!?? Own up to it.. and stop the chilul hashem..

  11. I just hope they slam the book at this Farshtinkeneh Baal Gaaveh.
    Pay attention to his attitude with his hat on the tip of his hat.
    And this low life withe the white beard (Zaken Mamrei) haves the audacity to yell at the officers “Nazi”
    with such a role models no wonder SOME of our younger generation behaves the way they do.

    If i would live there. I would stop by still tonight and apologize to the officers in the name of the majority of Klal Yisrael
    and let them know that we do not condone behavior that befits rather the BLM

    If any Black Or Spainish parade would close off the street they would walk the other way!!!
    These cops are FULL FLEDGED ANTI SEMITES!!!!
    Where is the councilman?
    Where are all the Politicians that WE VOTED IN????????
    Shame on the NYPD!!!!!!!

  13. Yiddin. what part of this is a chilul hashem ? You guys are the one making a chilul hashem #SELFHATINGJEWS.
    this man went to hachnoses sefer torah not knowing a thing about yes a permit or no permit, would’nt you resist getting arrested for no reason? I was there and witnessed the event . this man is INNOCENT.

  14. If acting like a bunch of animals, especially the crazy guy with the bald head that the police woman is trying to restrain, is what passes for kavod hatorah in BP, than we have reached new lows. If they had a permit, than someone should have quietly shown it to the police and they would have provided some traffic control. If they didn’t have a permit, hopefully that bald headed guy is spending the evening as a guest of NYC taxpayers.

  15. To all the idiots who are bashing the jews. The police aren’t always so innocent. and in this case I think they overreacted big time. They should never have interrupted this event. every cop knows how precious a sefer torah is to us. They should have used their resources to control the traffic instead of making a bigger mess. I don’t know how many people attended this hachnosos sefer Torah. The Zebo is a small shul judging from the many hacnosos sefer torahs I went to in BP the streets get closed only from when they leave the house of the donor until they get to the shul which is a very short while. That’s part of living in a frum community.

  16. I’ve never left a comment on YWN but this was beyond!
    I’ve never seen such a big Chillul Hashem!
    Why is the guy resisting arrest??
    Instead of everyone yelling at this idiot for fighting with police they are yelling at the police! How stupid! Brainless!
    This is exactly how the Holocaust started! Yidden in Golus are not to think they can do whatever they want!!!
    Disgusting! You bear the responsibility of millions of Jews living in America!

  17. If its true that shomrim called the police because Shmira was given the kovod of controlling traffic, the community should boycott shomrim.

  18. The people making the hachnuses sefer Tora, did not have a permit.
    If it was cuz they thought it’s only around the corner or whatever…

    The person giving in the Tora called up last minute shmira saying that he needs the street to be closed , they asked if he has a permit he says no.
    So they said they couldn’t help , after asking again and again and mentioning that there is so many people and it is only around the corner shmira agreed to come close the street for 15 min ,

    A shomrim car passed and send on the message that shmira was keeping the block closed ,
    So shomrim called the cops ,

    Shmira member that was keeping the street closed off , asked the first cop that arrived hu called ? He responded shomrim dispatch!!
    That’s what started the whole mess
    Shame on shomrim!!!

    Slipping on the water they spiled themselves…. The yingerman that was arrested is the brother-in-law of shomrim coordinator motty broner

  19. Is Hikind really condeming the police? SHAME on you HIKIND!!! Such a Chillul Hashem. We should make a big rally and give trophies to all the police that were there.

  20. Yeshiva World is spreading Fake News and edited video that distorts what happened. In the unedited version it is clear that a group of people including the man who was arrested are walking in the middle of the street ignoring the police car behind them and ignoring the police who are asking them to get out of the street. Despite being gently pushed toward the sidewalk by the police and asked to clear the the street, the marchers go back into the street and disobey a lawful police order with wanton disregard,attitude, and and chutzpah. The cops acted with restraint. The guy is lucky he was not tased.

    Moderators Response: YWN hasn’t edited any video. Apparently, you haven’t watched the video published.

  21. Sigh. This is how our trouble begins ALL THE TIME. Jews fighting one another for stupid reasons…like babies that haven’t grown up. Then they involve non-Jews in our fights too and that’s when our persecution starts. Over and over again, it’s always the same story…I hope this was not what really happened, that Shomrin notified the police. I’m going to be Dan l’kaf zchus that maybe it was simply that the police listens to Shomrims communication network where a street closure was announced and it wasn’t really that a Yes snitched on other reasons just for kavod’s sake.

    And I can’t understand those who feel the police overreacted. Maybe they did, that is not the issue here. There are traffic laws and laws pertaining to mass gathering, protests, etc. where permits are required and I can’t understand how people think that it’s ok to make a chillul Hashem ESPECIALLY when we are dedicating a sefer Torah. These people think they own the streets and can disregard these basic laws that are in place for our safety and ability to live in a stable city, not a banana republic, which is how it would be if it would be up to our preference of “heimishe” behavior. Please realize that we are in golus, we DONT own Brooklyn or any other city we live in!

  22. Walking in the street isn’t an arrestable (?) offence.
    You can get a jay walking ticket see Title 34, Section 4-04, Subsection (b) of the New York City Administrative Code.
    Additionally, NYS VTL Article 27 S 1156 says that if as long as the side-walk is you should use it. The people on the street will claim that the sidewalk was congested and unsafe because of the crowds at this religiously (protected) event.
    Before pushing the walker, the police officer should have asked for ID and then written him up for walking in the street.

    Of course if the police officer wants to escalate she can push or shove.

    On the other hand, a civil rights lawyer probably could make an interesting case out of this arrest.

  23. How can we be happy that a fellow yid was arrested and say that he got what he deserved are you really happy about that think about all the pain he has now and his family also. Ofcourse there are laws but how he we be happy that he got arrested we should feel sad that this is the way he was raised. Every one is talking about the chilul hashem i would like to add on that i see another one and maybe even bigger one and that is all the speculation wether it was shomrim aganst shmira.and if this is the YESHIVA world then its about time they stop putting these vidoes and the protests in ey on

  24. Did the police act inappropriately? Yes. Would things have been different if this were a hispanic or black event? Yes… However the fact remains that this was a tremendous Chillul Hashem. The fact that there was no communication regarding the HST was a HUGE mistake, and the sequence of events was simply inevitable. Since there was no knowledge on the part of those participating in the HST, the celebrating folks didn’t approach this event with the knowledge and therefore sensitivity that they shouldn’t have been there.
    Bottom line: Whenever there’s a chillul hashem, it makes no difference if the blame is shared: It’s still a chillul Hashem. So so sad and difficult to watch.
    You New Yorkers take what you have for granted way too often.

  25. Moderator, you have a responsibility as a journalist to report the facts accurately. The video you are displaying does not show what happened prior to the arrest. The full video which is available online does show what happened and it paints a completely different picture then the fake news you are spreading which is deliberately and falsely, demonizing the cops. It is the job of the police to keep the roads open and traffic flowing. If the cop tells you to move out of the street and you ignore him, you are ignoring a lawful order. If you compound your crime by resisting arrest and help create a near riot you only have yourself to blame not the cops. As much as I disagree with many of the policies of the NYPD especially under Deblasio, you still have to obey and follow the law and not engage in disorderly conduct.

    Moderators Response: While we won’t waste another second explaining this… take a look at the first video posted in this story. It has the full incident. Clearly, you haven’t seen it. But thanks for letting us know for the third time that you still haven’t bothered to check.

  26. Newsflash
    To the people acting like wild animals
    This is not your exclusive city to block public streets whenever you decide.
    There are rules to follow and the sickening screaming against the police is a huge embarrassment to yourselves and your families

  27. אני מקלל את ארבעת שוטרי הנשר המרושעים שעצרו את היהודי התמים הזה, שהם יקבלו תגמול אלוהי מהיר ביותר

  28. When the police show up and issue an order to clear the streets, just do so and don’t give them attitude. If they were wrong, then file a complaint with the Mayor’s office or call Dov and complain. The video showing that idiot being arrested and screaming incoherently at the police has gone viral on the internet so everywhere he goes he will be known for the animal-like behavior he exhibited. Hopefully, he and his family will be proud of how he showed his contempt for authority.

  29. Truly unimaginable that such a massive chilul Hashem could take place like this. Did no-one notice the Sefer Torah weeping? It didn’t occur to any of the “adults” that they were completely in the wrong? That’s the problem of thinking that Boro Park isn’t included in our golus.

  30. NEWS FLASH!!!



    Can someone please teach ppl how to use their brains!!!!

  31. When a REBBE in Boro Park can use the NAZI word towards firefighters, then ordinary jerks can do the same.

    I wouldn’t expect anything less.

    Ok I’ve vented. Let me go back to my apple tish and catch all those amazing hashpa’os!

  32. Yet again we make a tremendous Chillul Hashem. I am not going to go into the particulars, but Kovod Shomaim was compromised. I don’t pretend to know דעת עליון, but I sure that Hashem is really proud of our behavior in Golus!

  33. You commentors are completely blowing things out of proportion. One idiot blocking the street after being told by police to move, a short-tempered police officer arresting him and another idiot yelling Nazi. This in not a MAJOR CHILLUL HASHEM and will not start ANOTHER HOLOCAUST.

    Life will go on.

  34. Stop attacking YWN folks they are just the messenger and reporting news. Clearly this would not happen to Latinos or afro Americans, the Caribbean and Mexicans close streets for “block parties” every weekend in the summer with NO permits. Where is kalmans comments? Dov is retiring, where are the 2 simcha comments? Kalman yeger should be at the forefront as a city worker stacked a yid he is as CITY councilman who sits on investigation should be 1st to comment waiting for Kaplan yeger to publicly condemn brazen brutality

  35. כי שמך נקרא על עמיך
    עם השם
    כל זמן שיש חילטל עם השם יש חילול שמו
    על זה אנו מתפללים
    יהא שמיה רבה מבורך ולא מחולל
    לעולם ועד
    בביאת משיח
    ונאמר אמן.
    מסידור מתוק מדבש

  36. Thanks to all that protested and gave a hard time for these blood thirsty cops this person was freed.
    This innocent person and his family would’ve gone thru months of litigation and all his money spent.

  37. The police should be commended for their compassion and restraint. According to Rashi (Devarim 16:18 d”h shotrim) these hooligans could be beaten with clubs and straps. According to Rambam (Hilchot Melachim 3:8) even the ultimate punishment. See Resp. Hatam Sofer, YD, nos. 127 and 314; Avnei Millu’im, 28:2; Devar Avraham, vol. 1, no. 1 that dina d’malchuta dina is d’Oraita.

    The member of the Shomrim who alerted the NYPD should also be commended. Their responsibility is to the general public and not just some small group of anarchists. By ignoring the need for a permit they showed total disregard for other needs which might have been infringed. Even worse, suppose an ambulance had been stuck or delayed because the driver wasn’t alerted.

    People (@Pupa) should also learn spelling and grammar. It is “lose their jobs” not “loose (the opposite of “tight”) their job. Similarly, it is “Spanish” not “Spainish” (besides the fact that most Hispanics in NY are not from Spain).

  38. There should be a fast days in all of Boro park as the chilul hashem was created directly through a Torah celebration, what greatly embarrassment for the Torah can there be. This is worse then it the Torah would have fallen on the ground. Looking at the video could the police been a bit more tactful and patience? Probably. Are the required to beg people to follow the laws and adhere to them? No. Could this been avoided if they were notified? Yes. could this been avoided if This guy would have just move to the side as the sirens suggested as is required by law? Yes. Should this guy get either fined or a short jail time? That we leave up to a judge. Should the police be disciplined? No. Should there be more training on how to deal with situations like this? Yes.
    What a sad day!!!!

  39. This yingerman, whomever he is, is very lucky the police didn’t tase him for resisting arrest. For all those screaming that “the police are anti-Semitic,” you can always move somewhere else. There’s no mitzvah to live in Boro Park.

  40. BisBoy, you are absolutely right. This wasn’t a “MAJOR CHILLUL HASHEM and will not start ANOTHER HOLOCAUST”. This was simply a Chillul Hashem, and a mistake on the sake of this kehilla. Life does move on, as you put it. No other talk of Holocaust here besides from you.

    New Yorker at heart – So let me understand this correctly, when we are out of Golus we will no longer have to listen to police (or any service) and we will completely own the streets and treat it as complete hefker’ness? Do me a favor, when your version of Geulah arrives, count me out and leave me behind!

  41. There was apparently no permit issued for a street closure Bear in mind, that the average person attending a Hachnosas Torah procession, has absolutely no idea how these permits are regulated or effectuated, and that probably just about all of the people who came to give Kovod haTorah, including this innocent fellow who was arrested, probably had no ideas that anything was amiss vis a vis the permits.

  42. The point that I think some people may be missing is that the guy who was getting arrested may have had no clue that there was no permit. When I go to a Hachnosas Sefer Torah, I don’t first inquire of my host whether or not they filed the proper paperwork. I just assume it’s all taken care of. So if this guy assumed it was legal I can understand his indignation at having to clear the streets. The cops would have no business breaking up what he thought was a legal parade, and I too would have stood my ground at first. What happened afterwards is unfortunate, but for people to say he had no right to be in the street, or he doesn’t own the street, these events are fairly commonplace in BP and he could’ve absolutely assumed he was in the right to block the street

  43. I am bewilded and confused, unless the answer is obvious prejudice and racism.

    So you can stand on a major highway at rush hour, chain yourself to light polls, stop buses from rolling, or have “die-ins” at Grand Central during Rush hour if you don’t like that you lost an election. You can “Occupy” all sorts of places, like the recent encampment in Portland where a famous vulgar woman comedian said all sorts of things against the police in the national media. You can throw trash cans around and destroy banks during a Presidential Inaugruation and you are given – what was the term – room to be destructive?

    But if you want to take a Torah Scroll down the street, then you get all roughed up!!

    I really wish I could join you folks here on this, but the obvious daily double-standard is too appalling to ignore. I hope it is not lost on the victims.

  44. too geshmak, Logically I hear what you are saying. In practicality, it doesn’t fully make sense. If any law enforcement officer tells you to move from the street (or any area), you obey (or at least minimally you would respectfully ask the officer a question). When you say “The cops would have no business breaking up what he thought was a legal parade, and I too would have stood my ground at first”- not only is that foolish, but it is unlawful. Even with a permit, the street remains public property and a city street. It’s possible there is an emergency, a dangerous situation, or G-D forbid a terrorist situation which the police are evacuating people. Consider last year’s tragic terrorist event of a van colliding with pedestrians on a Manhattan sidewalk with his truck. Concluding, with or without a permit when one is in a public street, neither you or the police “own” the street- but it remains public property under the jurisdiction of the City.

  45. I am not justifying any side here but please dont come with answers to file a complaint.
    I filed 3 times complaints with the internal affairs on behalf of BP citizens who were harrased by the NYPD and it fell on deaf ears. The only time i got a satisfactory resolution was when i filed with Dov Hikinds office and he took action and it was resolved. Of course a Yid has to be more in control then the Goy but we do not need to let ourselves pushed and shoved by brutal officers. Ask Eric garner

  46. To Mr Geshmak: We look forward to watching you too “stand your ground” when the police drag you off to jail in front of your friends and family and you make a big chilul hashem. Whether you know or don’t know if a procession is legal, when the police come along and tell you to clear the streets, you move to the sidewalk quickly or you will see yourself here on YWN and the other media with the headline “Crazy Man Geshmak Arrested for Standing his Ground”

  47. TGIShabbos, at no point in his post was NYah saying that after Moshiach comes we can act without derech eretz. I fail to see why you are picking a fight with NYah.

  48. 1) It’s both sad and amazing how many people say “well, if it had been Blacks or Hispanics…”
    Nope. First, in general the cops would have responded the same way to a group blocking a street. But if you think the cops are so much worse in BP than in other areas or with other groups, you are sorely mistaken.
    Second, for those that think this was “simply” jay walking or the like, you’re wrong. This is Disorderly Conduct and is crime. The law specifically states
    “…He obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic;  or He congregates with other persons in a public place and refuses to comply with a lawful order of the police to disperse….”

    We are not above the law.

  49. I’m quite confident that many of the posts screaming “Chillul Hashem” on these comments are by writers who are predisposed to judge Chassidim negatively. They see a Chossid getting arrested by police and automatically assume the Chossid is at fault. If this had been a MoDox Jew being arrested at a MoDox Torah Celebration, with an attendee assuming he was arrested without pretense, I’m sure there would be an outcry of police brutality. #JewishLivesMatter

  50. I fail to see how people are defending the actions of a man who disregarded the police. It is not right and very disrespectful, it is not the Jewish way. I feel a revulsion when I see non-Jews acting chutzpadig to the police, kol shekain a frum Jew who should know better. I’m not saying the police are always innocent, but in such cases should they simply let people ignore them? Absolutely not.

    No one is blaming those who came to the hachnoses sefer Torah, they likely had no clue that the Community Board was not informed. The outcry is over someone who fought with the police instead of listening to them, over those screaming Nazis at the police and those the arrest of someone who failed to comply with policemen’s orders. Protesting is uncalled for, there are enough askunim who can do the job to try to get him released without those protesters showing how unappreciative they are of the police doing their job.

  51. to chizuk 1:

    its not only chasidim its one jew at another jew:
    Unfortunate if it was a perfect world there would be NO misser sefurim.
    Look how many officers kill innocent blacks because of color and so they do to chasidim.
    66 pct. has a very great record with their jewish citizens but unfortunate the NYPD and the community has some BAD apples. The difference is the NYPD is in conntrol and a yid is in Gules.

  52. Its easy to invoke the paradigm of “self-hating jews”, “chareidi haters” etc. in response to criticism of those who ignore or defy lawful police orders and instead default into animal-like behavior and incoherently screaming vile epithets at men and women in blue uniforms doing their job. As stated earlier, whatever your assessment of the situation in terms of whether police are acting properly, follow their directives and pursue your complaint later. If you absolutely feel the need to engage in civil disobedience then simply go limp and allow yourself to be arrested rather than acting like the idiot depicted in the video who image has gone worldwide as the poster child for boorish behavior by yidden.

  53. Whether a person is wrong or right, he must listen to the law, ie police. You don’t ignore an order to move over! The way he behaved was with downright chutzpa! That made the chilul Hashem so terrible. Who does he think he is to ignore the law!
    Especially when all the traffic waiting behind witnessed his proud behaviour! I am appalled!!

  54. as a former boro parker (now living out of state) i was at the 1st demonstration of the 66 PCT back in the 70’s when an assemblyman (hirsh)had his head split open
    seems things haven changed since 45 years ago same goons wearing uniforms
    true things weren’t arranged from the get go etc pd should have been given a heads up
    the people should have moved out of the way but it was wrong for the police to get physical shoving people out of the way and then going after this individual
    i think the 66 needs new leadership
    for years things were worked out and the relationship was good what happened after all these years? for this to happen and not be nipped in the bud 5 minutes after the initial traffic report shows theirs no communication and the askonim who run around with their cherries and police placards are out of touch and can’t deliver!!
    the fault lies with both sides
    from the videos taken and shown online we see a woman officer trying to restrain a male chased this right away shows their was never any briefing to 66 regarding male to female religious sensitivity training
    and the first officer responded like a goon not at all as a professional officer representing the law should act
    the yungerman should have moved out of the way and not disobeyed and bate the officer and not fight off the officer and should receive a summons which can then be fought in court
    it should never have escalated to what it ended with
    their is fault on all sides

  55. I am proudly Chassidish and still am very vocal towards behavior that is void of derech eretz. It doesn’t matter if one is Litvish, Chassidish, Sephardi, Askenazi, Mizrachi, Yeshivish, Yemeni…who did I leave out? It just doesn’t matter which kind of Jew, WE ARE IN GOLUS. And even if we wouldn’t be in golus anymore, we need to act with derech eretz, with middos tovos, we need to obey authority ( when it’s for the mutual benefit of all citizens).

  56. Chizik1,
    you are a very sad bitter man with no self esteem. As a jew I’m insulted by your demeanor. I love chasidem but to show no respect for the police is a disgrace and as I read comments here and other places the more I hope they don’t let him off easy.

  57. Why didn’t they simply get a permit? Do they think that they are above the law? If someone has a trait of arrogance we question his yichus. In any case, he is headed downstairs (Pirkei Avot 5:20).

  58. If these were people of color rather than blackhats they would have been tased or worse. Wake up and obey the laws. It is not an unreasonable request for LE to ask that the street be cleared. Change the laws if you don’t like them.

  59. I am entertained by the many comments here about “if it was ‘another’ group holding the event… response would have been different…” I suppose you are correct, since those other groups, knowingly planning and coordinating such an event, would include notifications to the the CB, as are required. Why was no heads up provided to the CB, and/or at very least, to the local police precinct? Why are we surprised by the response when an event such as this just pops up, seemingly out of no where, from officer’s point of view? Either way, lots of places to point fingers… and don’t get me started on people calling NYPD officers nazis. There is no place for this poor behavior. Stop taking your queues from your equally poorly behaved counterparts in Israel. Maybe right winged yeshivos should begin “educating” on European and American Jewish history, and what it means to be good citizens in a country like the US that goes above and beyond in provision of social and other support services?

  60. At the end of the day, it seems like there was a major misunderstanding from both ends.

    No doubt, the guy assumed as with all events, that its perfectly fine, and took the officer as one with an issue (though he should have obeyed) . The Officer again, should have explained that this event is not the usual but one w/o a permit and illegal. There was no need for shoving and pushing, it was his personal ego (an issue that many cops have) that did the thinking.

    In any case, the main fault no doubt were the organizers of the event.

  61. Though the police were just doing their job
    older experienced members of PDs especially NYPD
    garner” neighborhood awareness”
    and probably would’ve responded different

  62. Im very glad to see that OUR POLITICIANS are actually doing something about the terrible racists cops that think that they are above the law.

    To all that don’t seem to get it: MOST cops act as if they are above the law (turning on lights to pass a red light etc) if anyone else would do what they do the person would end up where this innocent guy ended up last night.

    @Avraham- It can make it to whatever papers possible, the media knows about Police Brutality and so do most folks around as well.

    @LoveAll- you can gladly fast (and say Tikun Klully while you are at it)

    @Avi K,
    I appreciate your concern about my spelling and grammar. Unlike you, I don’t write a comment like I am preparing for a shiur on Kitzois.

  63. Though the police were just doing their job
    older experienced members of PDs especially NYPD
    garner” neighborhood awareness”
    and probably would’ve responded different


    Like Eric garner?

    Go pupa go,

    When you’re right you’re right

  64. YWN moderator is 100% correct. Look at the first video. The police tell him to move to the sidewalk he frees himself and goes straight back. Police right yid wrong. He then resists arrest. I don’t like any yid to be arrested but I think he is lucky to have been released so soon.

  65. I never ever post anywhere nor did I have a Yeshiva world account but after seeing the way Yeshiva world wrote this story without the actual facts I felt like I had no choice but to open an account and give my opinion on this story. For all those that aren’t familiar with this story let me explain to you what happened, in Boro Park if you want to make an event that involves closing off the streets you call the community board or usually shomrim and lately shmira and they have the police block off the streets for the event, in this case shmira (another organization like shomrin which actually do more then shomrin does) was called and shrima explained to them that it’s to short notice to have the streets blocked off but the person making the event asked them please to do something so shmira said ok well control the traffic for 15 minutes so no one gets hurt from on coming traffic then shomrim saw that shmira was controlling this event so they went and called the police and police came to clear the streets, I’m not justifying that the guy that was arrested is right or wrong but the police officer is definitely wrong for how he approached the situation police officers are trained for these types of incidents and to come out of your car and start pushing and shoving is wrong of the police officer no matter how wrong the guy is there’s a way how to handle situations you don’t push or shove. This was all about politics between shomrim and shrima not about the hacnosas Sefer Torah because there was another hacnosas Sefer Torah in Boro Park yesterday without having called shomrim or the community board and NYPD didn’t interrupt that one, this was all about politics and the only one really in the wrong here is shomrim and they should be ashamed of themselves for taking out their personal issues with shrima on this hacnosas Sefer Torah! And unfortunately I have friends in shomrim that are all of a sudden very quiet and not talking about the incident and trying to hide in the shadows from this incident I wonder why like the Jewish saying goes oif in ganev brent dus hitel!

  66. Nypd are a bunch of pigs. Fact. No need to over- think. Same goes for Nassau police. Power abusing, arrogant, pathetic pigs.

  67. Pupa, if you would your posts would be better (assuming your shiur prep is sufficient).

    Yitzis, would you mind translating the creole German into English?

  68. No need for a long discussion here. No body should loss their jobs. The police were doing theirs. The guy (Jew) is a # 1 Jerk. Look clearly at the film he completely ignored the cops. As far as NAZI is concerned , eventually (if not already ) it’s like crying WOLF, at the end of the day no one will listen. We are in Galut . Ever wonder why. . Stop being Jerks.

  69. All I know is what I read here, and so far it looks like “shmira” should have contacted the authorities (even without a permit) but did not do so. Even without a permit a simple contact and promise to complete the activities in (say) 15 minutes (the number mentioned by posters) should have been enough to mollify the authorities. Further, I find it hard to believe that the police were called and arrived and did all this within 15 minutes – the 15 minutes when this should have been completed anyway according to the posters here. And by looking at the number of people in the top videos, I find it hard to understand why they couldn’t just walk on the sidewalk – looks like plenty of room.

    But I also wonder at the excuses made here of the type “this man went to hachnoses sefer torah not knowing a thing about yes a permit or no permit”. Would these same people go to, say a wedding, not knowing whether the caterer was under hashgacha or not (or for that mayter, which specific hashgacha) and still eat?

  70. Dov who?

    And much thanks to the PD for doing their job.
    Hopefully, this incident won’t deter them when police are needed again.

  71. G,
    “. Would these same people go to, say a wedding, not knowing whether the caterer was under hashgacha or not ”

    Excellent comparison, as the answer is yes; if its your neighborhood its a given that the hall has a reliable hashgacha, same applies if you know the Ba’al simcha.

    Same story with the above, its a given that it is taken care of, or at least not be an issue. From what I understand, there are tens and hundreds of such events in that neighborhood and never has there been an issue. Why should he suspect anything?

    Now that this happened, I’m sure people will indeed start inquiring before or at least be aware if told otherwise..

  72. The reason you need a permit is because Emergency Vehicles like Hatzloah need to get through, if there is a permit, they know the streets are closed and can avoid the area, however if there is no permits and the streets are blocked it can delay Hatzolah from getting to you.

    You might not be so Dan Kan L’zchus if your loved one had a delayed Hatzolah coming because of an unknown blocked street

  73. Cherrybim:

    The same “Dov the politician” for whom it is dangerous to be caught between him and a TV camera if there is some opportunity to get some media attention. In this case, he may have wisely decided to keep a low profile since it is not politically correct these days for Trumpkopf lovers to criticize the police

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